How To Choose a Hat for The Summer?


Most women do not like to wear hats during the summer season or do not attach significant importance to a headdress, and in vain. The right hat for the weather and external parameters will decorate any look. It also protects from the scorching sun. The main thing is to choose the headdress style that matches the girl’s appearance. It is important to take into account such details as age, features of appearance, and shape of the face.

Choosing a hat color

A headdress is usually chosen based on three main parameters – color, shape, and decor. The right color scheme of a frog hat will emphasize the style and accurately depict the mood of the owner of the headdress. It is important to consider not only the color of the hat itself but also the tone of clothes and other accessories.

If we go deep into the possibilities of choosing the color scheme of clothes, then there are two types of colors – chromatic and achromatic. In the first option, these are neutral shades, such as black, white, beige, or gray. Hats of these colors are suitable for almost any occasion and clothing. The main advantage of the chromatic scale is its practicality. It is suitable for everyday wear.

Choosing a hat according to the shape of your face

It is important to be able to choose a hat not only for clothes or according to fashion trends, but also for individual appearance. If you choose the wrong headdress, the shape of the face may be distorted, which visually will not give the effect that was expected.

The universal face shape is oval. A summer hat of any style and shape is suitable for this type. Even including such extravagant and unexpected solutions – caps on the contrary, outdated models of pillbox hats. You can choose any colors for accessories or clothes, but it is important to follow one single rule. The hat should not be very narrow, already the borders of the cheekbones – already too much.

Basic hat patterns

In summer weather, women’s hats are most in demand. There are various styles, but the basis of the summer look is:

Straw hats

This is a classic that never goes out of fashion. A suitable hairstyle is the collected hair under it or a tightly braided braid at the back. The latest fashion trends indicate that it is better to purchase a straw hat with a medium brim and fine weaving. Well, decorate the image with weaving, ribbons, flowers, and patterned patterns. Straw hats are suitable for light sundresses, light denim suits, cotton, and natural fabrics. Preferred colors are white, light, beige, and light yellow.

Bucket hats

A distinctive feature of the headdress is its short but low fields. Such models are used to hide the face from bright sunlight. Preferred materials are straw, natural threads, or fabric.

Fabric headwear

Cotton hats are the trend this year. In shape, they are slightly curved, so they resemble a western rider’s hat. Curvature appears due to the light fabric material. Under such a hat, you should not choose checkered clothes, otherwise, the image will be rough. In summer, you need to give preference to the most feminine attire.

Pie hat

Another peak trend is a hat in the shape of a small pie. It is recommended to choose such a headdress in light, pastel shades. If the goal is to give the image extravagance, you should choose a straw version with a ribbon.

Wide brim hat

A hat with a wide brim that covers the forehead and eyes. This is a popular trend that gives its owner a mysterious or mysterious look. This option goes well with summer dresses, suitable for relaxing on the beach.

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