Homeowner’s Guide to Sustainable Waste Management

waste management

Looking to make your business more eco-friendly? Recycling is a good start, but it’s not enough. Sustainable waste management can help you reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save money on operations. Our guide can help you find the best solutions for green waste disposal.

5 Sustainable Waste Solutions

After completing your waste audit, set short- and long-term goals to reduce the amount of trash your business produces. You can try some of the following sustainable waste disposal methods.

Reduce Paper 

There are many ways to reduce the amount of waste a business produces. Some easy methods to get started are to:

  • Eliminate paper wherever you can. Keep policy and process documents and anything else used company-wide, either online or on a shared server.
  • Only print what you need. When you need to print something, print it double-sided to save paper. And make sure to decrease the margins so that you use less paper in the long run.

Find Reusable Options in the Break Room

What can you do to reduce the amount of waste your office produces? One way to do this is by making simple changes to everyday items. For example:

  • Substitute disposable cups with coffee mugs and reusable water bottles from customwater.com
  • Bring utensils to avoid using plasticware.

Donate Anything Useful

There are many ways to donate items instead of throwing them away. It is good for the people who receive the donations and you. Some examples include:

  • Donate old computers, printers, and other electronics if your office updates its hardware.
  • Office renovations and cleanouts often allow a business to buy new furniture, regarding donating desks and chairs to a local school.

Recycle When You Can’t Avoid Waste

Recycling saves energy, keeps materials from going into landfills and incinerators, and provides raw materials for creating new products. Recycling helps us use resources for a long time. 

You can help the environment by bringing in bins for recyclables like paper, plastic, and glass. This will give employees an alternative to throwing things away in the trash can. You can also think about recycling in unusual ways. There are ways to recycle many products your business makes or uses daily, even if they can’t go into your regular bin.

There are many methods to recycle or properly dispose of business-specific Waste. Some examples include:

  • If you have a hotel key card or a gift card you don’t want to use, you can take it to Best Buy to recycle. Earthworks Systems will pick it up from Best Buy and recycle it. 
  • You can recycle your old makeup containers at makeup studios, salons, and other beauty businesses. Brands like Aveda, Lush, and MAC will take them and recycle them.

Compost Your Lunches

Composting is a way to eliminate some food waste and paper products. You can compost in the break room or cafeteria. It would help if you had a compost bin that doesn’t let smells out and keeps fruit flies away. Then you can use compostable bags to put the Waste in. Take the compost to an office or community garden, or find a compost drop-off center.

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