Gulfood 2022 is going live on Feb 13 –

Welcome to the largest annual agriculture exhibition in Dubai in the world, serving one of the fastest-growing regions on the earth. With more than $ 5 trillion in value in the global market, business opportunities abound and stakes are high. To grow, you need to be agile, get the latest products from the most competitive suppliers with real-time knowledge of industry prices and upcoming trends.

That is why Expo Dubai 2022 is your gateway for new business opportunities in an established, developed, and emerging market. Only here can you reach over 5000 local, regional and international suppliers across 5 continents at a critical crossroad in the annual global harvest cycle. Global prices are set here and from this foundation, your business year will grow.

The main market trends of Dubai expo 2022

Expo 2022 Dubai presents the main market trends on food and beverages and aims to highlight innovations, consumer behavior patterns and revitalize the communication links between thousands of key players in the region starting from 13th February. 

The event is expected to attract thousands of shoppers from around the world and will include Michelin star cooking masters with more than 60 chefs, renowned business leaders, government speakers, and 110 speakers including food inventors, as well as the best culinary experts in the UAE. 

Running with the exhibition Gulfood Innovation Summit and the Marketing Society Speaker series will host the brightest F&B minds and success-makers to address burning issues such as food security; Supply chain; Sustainable eating and dialing in developing consumer preferences.  


Gulfood 2022 will showcase the first blockchain-based dairy exhibitors: Ingredia from France, while global dairy companies will arrive in the emirate after launching 33 products in the same quarter recently.

Running from 13 to 17 February, the Gulf Food Innovation Summit will bring together some of the world’s leading chefs, food scientists, and even government officials to discuss the future of the food industry. This will touch on the future government’s role in food; Healthy food options; Sustainability; Marketing; The relationship of food to tourism and retail; And the emergence of new technologies to drive the industry. 

As the most competitive global sourcing platform and the first live F&B event in nearly 12 months, the return of Gulfood Expo Dubai 2022 is the only opportunity for F&B professionals to connect with partners, explore large business opportunities and start the year with confidence.


DWTC (Dubai World Trade Centre) has proven its ability to create the safest face-to-face business environment and deliver world-class programs with the highest security protocols. This is evidenced by the recent GITEX(Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) Week, the only live personal technology event in 2020. Held in December, the event welcomes thousands of visitors, with 96 percent of attendees reporting a safe experience. 

Gulfood 2022 will be held under strict safety and hygiene protocols. It will be mandatory to wear a mask with social distance to ensure the health of all delegates. You cannot be able to register yourself on the official site, registration must be completed in advance. 

Countries participating in Gulfood Dubai expo 2022

Many countries around the world are participating in Gulfood 2022 to promote food products in some targeted markets, such as the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. These countries have a wide range of food and beverage exporters with stalls of products that meet international food standards and have the potential to cater to the world market. 

How to attend Expo Dubai 2022

Work with and showcase your brand profitably in Gulfood 2022. is the world’s first B2B enabling platform in the food and agro-sector. This makes it easier for verified buyers to trade directly with genuine sellers around the world. is participating in Gulfood Dubai for the third time in a row. You can use the platform to participate in events and promote your brand internationally, otherwise, you will have to pay to go there independently. 

No extra cost 

If you would like to participate in the Dubai expo event, partner with at no extra charge. If you decide to travel to Gulfood UAE alone, you can attend this event at some extra cost. 

Flexible packages will help you to be a part of this famous Gulf Food Trade Fair in Dubai. The platform offers marketing programs to attract buyers globally with various customized packages for increased visibility and brand representation for individual businesses in the F&B sector. The program starts at INR 35,000 and is as low as INR 4 million and you can choose anyone depending on what kind of reach you are looking for and your budget.

Increased Visibility 

You will be able to connect with 75K + buyers from around the world through the physical brochures delivered during the 5 days of Gulfood in Dubai. More than 50K + e-brochures will be sent to global shoppers through 

You can use the platform to attend Gulfood Dubai 2022 and promote your products and services globally. This would be a great way to ensure your share in one of the fastest-growing regions on earth. You too can use this event as a foundation from which you too can grow your food business and reach new heights. 

Registration process 

There is an online process to participate in Expo 2022 in Dubai. You can visit the Gulfood website to register your participation by filling out the form, but you will also need to read the terms and conditions before booking your stand. Some of the terms and conditions are mentioned below: – 

  • Registration is required to participate in this exhibition.
  • The event will be held in Dubai only for traders and professionals from related industries.
  • There is no refund policy on all payments.
  • There is an age limit, persons below 21 years will not be allowed to participate in this exhibition. This is for qualified trades and professionals only.

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