Guide to quality pool lights to buy

Guide to quality pool lights to buy

Are you looking to make your pool more secure? Are you a fan of taking an occasional dip before dawn or enjoying an evening swim? Are you looking for a method to take your swimming celebrations to the highest level? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of the above questions, it’s like you’re looking for quality pool lights to buy. Not sure what you are looking for? No worries. This page will provide you with some important options and considerations. In addition, we’ll take an in-depth look at several of the well-known lighting options for swimming pools from authentic sources like Fusion Lighting Australia currently available.

Key Considerations and Decisions

The good news isthat when it comes to pool lights for your pool there are plenty of options to pick from. Of course, this means it’s difficult to determine which lighting for your pool will work most effectively for you. Do you prefer a multicolored lighting show or do you prefer sticking to a traditional white light? Are you in search of the latest in high-tech “smart” lighting, or do you prefer keeping things basic?

Here are a few points to keep in mind when beginning with your hunt for ideal lighting for your pool:

Color (or not)

White light is an excellent option if security and visibility are your primary concern. It’s also classic and simple when you’re looking for a simple method to show off the style of your swimming pool. If you’re looking for something with more of an “wow factor,” color-changing lighting for your pool could be the best option. There are swimming lighting for pools in all colors that is available, and complete with exciting already-programmed “light shows.”

Pool Finish

You may be surprised, but the shade of your pool’s surface affects the look of your lights for your swimming pool. The lighter to moderately colored interior surfaces reflect light, while darker finishes block out light. If you have a light to medium-colored indoor surface it is possible to choose white or colored lights. If your pool has dark-colored finishes, your ideal choice is to select white lights. In the event that you do not, you could risk your surface being absorbed by the colored lighting and rendering a dark appearance.

Pool Size

You may be asking yourself how many lights for the pool are I required to have? The amount of lights you will require is contingent upon the size of your pool. 15’x30′ pools require only one light. 20 40′ or larger swimming pools need two light. 20 42′ pools and higher require at least three lights.


Modern swimming lights for pools are equipped with a wide range of exciting and practical features, ranging including smartphone integration, Dimmer switches and many other. Additionally, many colors of LED lights can be set to create exciting, vibrant “light shows” that add the fun to any backyard party.

Alongside color-changing pool lights, you also have the option to select from a variety of advanced technologies: There are remote-controlled swimming lights for pools and “smart” pool lighting that is controlled by the phone app or an in-home automated system.

Energy consumption and cost

If you’re seeking the “green” choice, you will not be disappointed by the energy-efficient LED lights or solar powered lighting for pools. If you’re seeking the most affordable price for purchase then halogen lighting is the best way to take (although the cost of halogen lighting is some more in the long run to run).

Inground vs. above ground

The lighting requirements and options will be largely dependent on whether your pool is inground or above ground swimming pool.

If you are looking for above ground lighting for your pool, you have many options, including magnet lighting kit, wall mounted lighting kits as well as kits that allow you to connect lights to the vented return line in your pool.

In the event that your pool’s located in the ground then you’re likely contemplating wall-mounted or built-in options. If your pool is inground and includes features such as stairs tanning shelves, or ledges You may want to include specially designed accent lighting to the main lighting for your pool.

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