How to Make a Style Statement with Grey Bathroom Furniture?

Grey Bathroom Furniture

Do you know that grey bathroom furniture has been on trend for the last couple of years? It is elegant and creates a sophisticated look in your bathroom. Many experts believe that the popularity of grey bathrooms is just a hype that will pass by within a year or so. However, it is still in and has become a preferred choice in the recent past. It is a kind of colour that is not too bold or boring, which makes it a classic choice for most bathroom interiors. Moreover, its ability to be paired with other colours makes it a perfect choice for people who want to transform the looks of the bathroom.

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Why Grey Bathroom Furniture?

The Grey bathroom is among the most popular choice for modern bathrooms, and there are many reasons for it. It is a kind of colour that can create a calming and relaxing environment in the bathroom. You can use it in coordination with bright colours. So, it’s not just for creating a style but a practical option perfect for your bathroom. 

One thing that you will note about this colour is that there are over 50 different variations of this colour available, which gives you plenty to choose from. Every retailer has a different tone from cool, sophisticated dark tones to brighter and lighter ones. So, it sure you will find the type of looks you want. 

Grey Bathroom Furniture Ideas. 

If you are interested in installing grey bathroom furniture, then you have plenty of options available for you. We are discussing a few of such options here. 

  1. Install a Grey Combination Vanity Unit. 

The combination vanity units combine a vanity sink unit with a toilet giving you all in one option for all your small bathroom needs. That means you can save a lot of space while only covering space on one side. Therefore, it is a great option for small to a large bathrooms. For example, the Elena Grey Elm combination unit with 1100 mm width can be a great choice for anyone looking for to spruce up the bathroom with Grey colour. It is a freestanding vanity unit that is fitted with a semi-recessed sink over it. On the other side, you have a back to wall slimline toilet that adds further value to it. With three in one option, you don’t only create a perfect style statement but also save space while creating an ultra-modern look.

Another grey combination vanity unit option is a Turin indigo Grey Gloss combination unit. It is also a floor standing vanity unit with a beautiful sink fitted on the top, creating a highly attractive look. The under the sink 2 door drawers are a wonderful piece that is perfect for the modern bathroom. On the other side, the WC furniture unit is attached that also has a back to wall toilet fitted with it, turning in a complete set. It is 1300mm, which may be more suited for all sizes of bathrooms.

  1. Install a Grey Vanity Unit. 

If you are not looking for a full set that comes with a toilet, then a grey bathroom vanity unit can be your choice. These vanity units mostly come fitted with a worktop or recessed sink, eliminating the need for a separate vanity unit. 

Grey Floor Standing Vanity.

You may already know that the floor standing vanity units are a great option for both small and large bathrooms. These stand directly on the floor and offer ample storage capacity for the storage of bathroom essentials. You can choose from various options available for you. For example, an Elena grey gloss vanity unit with floor standing range can be great for your bathroom. It 2 door compact vanity with 600mm width. Such size is perfect for a small bathroom or a cloakroom. In addition to that, you can also have another option: Turin Grey Elm floor standing vanity units, which is a different shade of grey, providing you a sophisticated look with its dark tone. 

While most of these are available in various size ranges from 500 to 900mm, you can choose what fits best in your space. In addition to that, there are various options in terms of the type of sink you want to fit over the top; for example, you can choose from worktop sinks in various shapes, from round to square etc. The fitted sink comes in recessed and semi recessed options for smaller units. Another popular grey bathroom furniture option is a grey double sink vanity that is a great choice for a family bathroom.

Popular styles of bathroom furniture!

It is among the most luxurious and popular styles of bathroom furniture. Such units fit directly on the wall, and it looks great in grey colour. You can choose from the various size of wall mounted vanity sink units from Elena and Turin range. There is an option to either choose simple vanity or the one fitted with a worktop, recessed or semi-recessed sinks. There are many sizes available so you can choose as per your space requirements. Have a Good Day!

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