Google Doodle Celebrating 30th Anniversary of PAC-MAN

Pacman 30th Anniversary

On April 22, 1981, the video game “Pac-Man”” was released by Namco, and it went on to become the third best-selling video game of all time. The first game in this franchise was a groundbreaking and popular maze-based game that is still played today!


Google has created a Google Doodle to commemorate the classic video game PAC-MAN anniversary.

This Google Doodle features the classic arcade game character, Pac-Man, as he chases after ghosts in a maze. The Doodle is filled with colorful arcade graphics and sounds from the original game.

Google has also created a blog post about the anniversary of Google Doodle. This post discusses some of the history of PAC-MAN and its popularity over the years. They also describe some of the new features that have been added to the game since its release in 1980.

Overall, this Google Doodle is a fun way to celebrate the anniversary of one of gaming’sgaming’s most iconic titles.

What is the background of the Pacman Video Game?

The Pac-Man video game was first released in 1980 and has been played by people worldwide ever since. The game was originally developed as a computer game, but it became so popular that it was later released for the Atari 2600.

The Pacman video game is based on the popular arcade game of the same name. In the arcade game, players try to eat all the dots in a maze while avoiding ghosts that move around the screen. The original Pac-Man video game was designed more on graphics and gameplay than on the storyline.

The background of the Pacman video game is based on the fictional world of Pac-Land. In this world, humans live in a society where food is scarce. One day, a meteorite landed in the city and revealed a hidden world inside it. This world is full of delicious food, and the citizens of Pac-Land started to eat too much of it and became obese. As a result, they became sick and died off. Only ghosts live in this world and are determined to get back at humans for their sins.

What Characteristics Does the Pacman Game Possess?

One of the most popular video games ever created is Pac-Man. Created on June 22, 1980, it has been played by people worldwide for over 30 years. The game features a yellow character named Pac-Man, eating dots and moving around a maze to achieve the highest score.

Some characteristics that make Pac-Man such a popular game are its simple but addictive gameplay, unique visual style, and ability to keep players entertained for hours on end.

To celebrate the game’s anniversary, Google created a Doodle featuring Pac-Man. The Doodle can be found on Google’s homepage and features Pac-Man eating dots surrounded by colorful circles.

Exactly how can the Pacman games take on brand new video games?

The Pac-Man games are a series of video games that have been around since the 1980s. They are known for their simple but addictive gameplay and colorful graphics.

Exactly how can the Pacman games take on brand new video games? For one, the gameplay is very simple. All you need to do is guide Pac-Man through a maze by eating the dots and avoiding the ghosts. This basic premise has been used in many new video games, such as Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Another similarity between the Pac-Man games and newer video games is their graphics. The 1980s were when computer graphics were starting to become popular. So, the Pac-Man games featured smooth graphics and colorful backgrounds. These days, computer graphics have improved so much that many new video games feature stunning visuals that look almost identical to those in the older Pac-Man games.


Google has released a Doodle honoring the anniversary of one of the most popular video games ever, PAC-MAN.

The Doodle is a simple graphical representation of the game’sgame’s main character, PAC-MAN. The Doodle is an interactive Google Map and can be accessed by clicking on the “Google Doodles” section at the top right corner of any Google page.

The Doodle allows users to step inside Pac-Man’s world and explore all the different levels included in the original game. They can also play PAC-MAN in real time on Google Maps or via Google Earth.


At Google, we love celebrating anniversaries and special moments – whether it’sit’s our birthday or the birthdays of some of our favorite websites. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of one of our all-time favorite games, PAC-MAN, we created a Google Doodle that you can explore online. Have fun playing this classic game on your computer or mobile device!

It’sIt’s been 20 years since the original PAC-MAN hit the gaming world and Google is celebrating with a Doodle! The game has endured over time, spawning sequels and spinoffs and becoming an iconic title in its own right. To commemorate this momentous occasion, Google has recreated the classic arcade game as a pixelated delight that can be played on any device. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just started playing today, make sure to check out PAC-MAN on Google Play!