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Gojek Clone App: Smart Advanced Technology Mobile Application


The powerfully built Gojek clone app is second to none! Multiple services, an on-demand model, admirable features, and the hefty profit-making capabilities of this app have left people stunned. Unquestionably, the all-in-one app is made with the latest mobile technology with the help of market-relevant stacks like Swift, Node Js, HTML, MySQL, and more. That means that the app holds the strength of Neutron stars (the container of the strongest material in space). 

Let’s talk more about the Gojek clone – KINGX 2022!  


Now that you know which app is the smartest in the world, let’s glance through its advanced tech features one by one! 

iWatch can now book a taxi 

iWatch users can download and install the rider’s app and without taking their smartphones out, they can book a taxi. The iWatch rider’s app allows the user to: 

  • Select their vehicle type – Basic, Normal, Luxury. 
  • Add pick-up and drop-off location. 
  • Choose payment method 
  • Call the driver 

Isn’t booking a taxi with the Gojek clone app the easiest service to avail of? Of course, it is. But, how to install the app on the watch? The user’s iPhone and iWatch must be connected and internet-enabled. So, if the user downloads the app on their phone, it will be automatically downloaded and installed in the iWatch too, and vice versa!  

Kiosk Android food ordering app

A normal Android tablet is placed anywhere in the restaurant. The users can use these Kiosk tablets to place orders without having to stand in long queues or telling the order to the staff members. Well, this is not all. The users can also do the following things on a Kiosk food ordering system: 

  • Choose whatever they need from the restaurant’s existing menu that’s displayed on the Kiosk app. 
  • They can order food and select the ‘Eat in’ or ‘Take Away’ option. 
  • After the order is placed, the customer receives an SMS notification on the phone number they added to the Gojek clone Kiosk food ordering app telling them, ‘Your order has been successfully placed’. 
  • Select the payment option – cash or card payment. 

Login without password

This all-inclusive app allows your users to login into the app without a password. How? Well, the application is now enabled with smart login features. The user with iPhone can log in with their Face ID whereas Android phone users can toggle on login with fingerprint scanning! 

This smart biometric authentication setting eliminates the need to remember usernames and passwords every time the user wishes to log in and book a service.  

Voice note instructions make delivery efficient 

Gojek clone app is crammed with several advanced features! One of them is voice note instructions. This feature will come in handy for your customers when want to get their order delivered in a particular manner or when they want to provide specific details. 

While placing the order, there is the option to tap and record the message. The user can here record the message and upload it on the app itself. After the delivery driver has picked up the order from the store or restaurant, only then can they listen to the recoded instructions and based on that deliver the goods to the user’s doorstep! 


The final note here is that anyone who wishes to purchase the app and launch it first needs to search for a well-established white-labeling team. This team will then perfect develop and polish the Gojek clone -KINGX 2022 app according to your business plans. 

Start today!

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