Get the Potent Mental Treatment at Holistic Rehab Center

Facing and coping with mental challenges is not a game. From depression to anxiety, eating disorders to any other addiction, you cannot keep up with normal life unless you get rid of the disturbed mental state for good.

That is the reason why considering the professional and the best mental rehab center is always a first preference. However, not many mental treatment centers would offer you the ideal solution. Generally, you are giving tons of medication, cliché group discussions and other regular therapies.

All this only works best to empty your bank. However, if you are looking for the best treatment center the Holistic Rehab Centers would always prove to be ideal. You may wonder why! Therefore, this article is solely shedding light on what holistic mental sanctuary is offering you that is unique. So if you want to get the potent mental treatment, know more about the holistic sanctuary. Keep scrolling

The Absolute Luxury Medical Spa and Treatment

At holistic mental care you get the 100% natural treatment and it is the only licensed sanctuary that holds the value for its success rate at cueing patents. First of all, we have the ultimate and absolute Pouyan method for treating mental challenges.

It mainly guarantees not to relapse the condition of the patient. In the luxury treatment you get the 5-star accommodation along with many other treatments that you can choose from the packet we offer. At the luxury healing center you get the ideal solution for the mind, body, and spiritual issues.

Holistic sanctuary treatment packages for luxury medical spa

4-Weeks silver package – $40K

·         This Includes Up To 50 Hours of Private Holistic Sessions

·         All Customized 1 On 1 Protocol Therapy Sessions. No groups

·        Treatment Includes up to 3 Hours of individualized “holistic treatments” each day

·        Include 2x weekly NAD, Reiki, kundalini yoga, Massage, IV drips, 50 hours of 1-on-1 holistic therapies in 28 days

4-12 Week Gold Package- $50K PER 4 weeks

·         This Includes Up To 150 Hours of Private Holistic Sessions

·         All Customized 1 On 1 Protocol Therapy Sessions. No groups.

·         Treatment Includes up to 7-9 Hours of individualized “holistic treatments” each day.

·         Includes daily 5 days per week, daily NAD, daily Reiki, daily Kundalini Yoga, daily Massage, daily IV drips; 150 total hours of one on one holistic therapies in

12-Weeks Platinum Package Call For Pricing

·        All Customized 1 On 1 Protocol Therapy Sessions

·         Our Most Powerful Treatment Option: 90 days of the “Exclusive Platinum Package Pouyan Method”

·         100% Guaranteed Exclusive Luxury Platinum Package Pouyan Method Offered only At The Holistic Sanctuary

·         100% Holistic & Total Customized, Private, One-on-One Protocol Therapy: Over 170 hours of one on one therapy per month


Also we offer daily massages, yoga, daily Reiki Energy Healing, daily Green Coffee Colonics, liver detox, parasite and candida detox, total Liver Detox Protocol (Proprietary Green Coffee Enemas, Herbs & Tonics and Superfoods) and much more therapies that help to gain ideal health.

If you have been looking for spa medical treatment to cure mental challenges including depression, anxiety, drug addiction,  disorders and other illnesses, the holistic sanctuary is one place you can totally lean on. 

In addition to that, we also have fully experienced staff and above all, the natural treating methods. Our powerful and strategist approach heals addiction, lupus, lyme disease, MS, or illicit drug addiction and much more.

All in all, it’s the best place for human optimization and to become the better version of you without facing any sleeping issues after the treatment.

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