Funny Things To Say When You Lose A Game

Lose A Game

Life isn’t always easy and can be pretty harsh sometimes… In fact, it seems as if you try to do everything right, things never seem to turn out in your favor.

This can be especially true when you’re trying to succeed at something so important to you, such as playing a game. (Remember how angry you got when that final shot bounced off the rim or missed the goal by inches?)

You weren’t alone, everyone has their own funny quotes about losing game. But if you’re looking for some solid advice on how not to let losing get the best of you (as well as coping with it), keep reading.

The more you lose the more you win

The more you lose the more you win: One of the main reasons people don’t want to play sport is because they’re afraid of losing. They take it personally, they get angry and they think they’re no good. It’s not true. Losing is a good thing. It makes you try harder, it makes you work on your weaknesses and it keeps you humble. Sure it’s embarrassing when people see you lose but that’s also a great motivator for training harder.

When you’re a competitive person like me, losing is hard to take but even then there are certain things I know I definitely shouldn’t say when I lose a game of sport. Here are some things that sound stupid when someone loses:

  • “I was just trying to give the other team a chance.”
  • “I’m glad we lost, we need more practice.”
  • “You know, losing is the best way to improve your skills.”
  • “This has been a great learning experience for me.”

When you say stuff like that it just makes everyone think you’re a bad sport and a sore loser and no one wants to play with someone like that again.

People will still laugh with you if you say ‘we got destroyed.’ They’ll also be impressed if you can say ‘they were better than us today,’ or ‘I didn’t play my best game today.

I cannot keep calm because I lost this game

When you lose, you want to say something witty that will make everyone laugh and forget about your failure. We’ve all been there, you’ve just lost the game, and though you might have won gracefully if you’d been on the other side of the board, now all you can think of is how badly you want to throw yourself out the window. Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic. But we understand that losing is hard and embarrassing, so here are some funny things to say when you lose a game.

  • “Wanna play again? I promise I won’t let you win this time.”
  • “I’m not sure if I’m more upset about losing or that your strategy was so boring it made me fall asleep.”
  • “Do I get extra points for good sportsmanship?”
  • “I don’t want to brag but I actually played pretty well at home by myself last night.”
  • “I see why people say ‘don’t quit your day job.’ Because clearly, this isn’t your thing.”

congratulate the winner

I’d like to take a moment to congratulate the winner of this game. I’m sure winning feels nice, but your victory is not without its drawbacks. For one thing, having won means that you must now put up with the company of the people who lost. In fact, you’re probably spending time with them right now. And with winners like you in the world, it’s no wonder there are so many losers.

And speaking of losers, let’s all have a laugh at their expense, shall we? When someone loses a game, it’s tempting to say something along the lines of “better luck next time,” or “there’s always tomorrow.” But wouldn’t it be more fun to say something wittier? Here are some funny things to say when you lose a game:

  • This game is for losers.
  • You are really good at winning.
  • I played better than anyone could have expected me to play.
  • I can only blame myself for my poor choice of opponents.
  • The last player should never be taken seriously because they will most likely lose anyway.
  • You may not be as bad as I am, but you sure ain’t as good either.

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