Freelance Writing Jobs – 5 Simple Ways to Start

freelance writing jobs

Are you searching for freelance writing jobs? Here, I’ll tell you the five best ways to find freelance writing jobs in 2022 and the most common questions related to writing jobs. First of all, you should visit some other websites related to blogging or freelance writing. You can get ideas from these websites about freelance writing. After that, you’ll be able to find high-paying clients for content writing.

Freelance Writing Jobs – 5 Simple Ways to Start

Just to tell you, these 5 ways to find freelance writing jobs are the best ways that top-rated freelancers use. These are the proven methods for new freelance writers to find online jobs.

Start Cold Email

Cold pitching is one of the fabulous ways to contact clients directly. Cold pitching gives you a better opportunity to find clients. Do you know what is cold pitching? It is a method in which you contact bloggers, companies, news websites, and small businesses to tell them, that you are a freelance writer.

Most freelancers use Email marketing for this purpose. You can convince clients by showing your sample work. It looks hectic and difficult but in actuality, it is not. This is the way through which you can find potential clients and can offer them your services. Cold pitching is free of cost. You can start it simply with Gmail account.

To find potential clients, you can make a Google sheet and mark some companies that need your help to grow business. It may be difficult to become a writer for a huge brand but you can write for small companies and blogging sites at an early stage.

In your message, you need to add the following points.

  • Your introduction as a freelance writer
  • What are your services
  • How you can help them
  • Well-written sample

Use Your Website to find Freelance writing jobs

If you have your own website then it could be the best way to find freelance writing jobs online. If you are good at writing, make your professional blog and show it to clients. But if you are a beginner, then you should try the previous way. 

Your own blog can help you a lot to find freelance writing jobs. Therefore, to boost your business you should invest in a WordPress site and create a professional writer website. You can also create a free blog on Medium, Ezine and Blogger to show your writing work to clients. 

Guest Post

Start writing for free. Do you know what is The guest post is to write for some other websites. The guest post on popular sites gives you a huge readership. In this way, you can get potential buyers from those readers. So, you need to create a portfolio to show your writing skill.

So, where to start guest posts? It’s very simple. Go to Google search and type “write for us”. You will see plenty of websites that need freelance writers for their websites. Contact the website’s admin and write for them. In this way, you can get both clients free and paid.

Don’t forget to read guest post guidelines. Spend a few minutes drafting your author bio and putting it at the end of your article.

Join Facebook Groups

Facebook has a lot of potential for online writing jobsJoin various Facebook groups to find remote freelance writing jobs. These jobs may be related to resume writing, copywriting, or creative writing. But this method will take time to build your credibility.

For this purpose, you should join conversations, post comments, and answer the queries of freelance writing. You can tell people about your writing services. And even you can get the attention of the people by asking questions related to content marketing

Freelance writing jobs on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social platform but it also has a job board. Many freelancers spend considerable time on LinkedIn to find freelance writing jobs from home. To find a job on LinkedIn go to the job board and type “writer jobs”. You will find many jobs related to freelance writing.

You can be more specific to find jobs like resume writer or technical writer. Now start cold pitching to attract your clients.

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