Essential Things To Know About  Linksys Velop/Extender

Linksys mesh WiFi setup can be done very trouble-freely with an ethernet cable or Linksys smart app. It is not so much a technical process. In this article, you will learn how to set up Linksys velop. 

Let’s start. 

Linksys velop is a try-band modular WiFi system that can be set up in various mesh configurations. It provides fast and reliable WiFi to the edge of a WiFi network. Linksys velop device is made for performance or elegance. It is small in size and you can place it anywhere. Its clean and attractive look appeals to everyone. Linksys velop is also known as Linksys extender.

It removes all the dead spots in our home. Linksys velop increases the range of the router. It comes in a very economical budget. It is not easy to set up but also equally easy to maintain. Linksys velop can easily be compatible with every router. 

Basic Requirements For Linksys Velop Setup

Linksys setup does not need any specific product, there are a few things on a requirement list. See the list below.

  • Any one of them’s modem and router have an internet connection.
  • Need an ethernet cable.
  • Update Linksys smart WiFi app.
  • Need the latest android mobile or any other device. 

Setup Linksys Velop Via Linksys App

While unboxing the Linksys device, you will get a few things used in the setup process. First, you have to take a Linksys device and an ethernet cable, then follow the rest of the steps shown below.

  • Locate your Linksys velop device closer to the host router. 
  • Join one end of the ethernet cable into the ethernet port of Linksys Velop. 
  • Connect another end of the cable to the router port.
  • Insert the power wire into Linksys Velop and then connect it to the power plug. 
  • The Blue indicator LED light indicates that everything is set. 
  • Now waits for a few minutes, and the host router turns into its boots and creates a connection.
  • After 1 or 2 minutes the LED light of the velop turns purple which means that it is ready to use. 
  • Further, download and open Linksys velop device. 
  • Verify that the version of the app is the latest. Update it, if your device supports the old version. 
  • Fill in an email account and password after marking the agreed terms. 
  • A page will appear on your screen which asks you where the network comes from.
  • Pick up your internet connection and open the WiFi list on the Linksys app. 
  • The network name of the velop setup will show on your display. 
  • Click on it and enter the password of the Linksys extender. Which you will get at the top of the node. 
  • As a result, your Linksys extender setup is successfully done with the help of this method.

In case, if you are facing any trouble during the setup. Follow these tips to solve this trouble. 

  • Verify that your Linksys WiFi router works properly and has an internet connection.
  • See the LED indicator at a top of the node. 
  • Connect your device again to an ethernet wire. 
  • Check the distance between the host router and Linksys velop.
  • Metal or electronic appliances should not locate near Linksys velop. 

Note: If you are still facing an issue then follow these additional methods to solve an issue of your Linksys extender setup. 

Reset Linksys Velop/Extender

If you are still facing an issue with the setup, after trying this method. Then don’t fear this the last method but not least. Find the reset button, which is mainly located at the back side of the velop. Take a paper clip or pin and press the reset button for 8 to 10 seconds with the help of a paper clip. Make sure don’t press the button so hard with the paper clip otherwise, it can destroy your device. 

Tip: After the setup, if you want to change any settings like WiFi channels, Change frequency bands, or check the speed of the internet then you must have to go to the Linksys extender login portal and enter your username and password. After that, you can easily change your settings.

Tip: After the setup of the Linksys extender, if you want to change any type of settings then you can go to the Linksys extender login portal. In the login portal, enter your username and password. After this, you will enter the settings of the Linksys extender and easily change any settings.


After reading this article, we believe that you would be able to know the essential things about Linksys velop. Stick around here for more updates.

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