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Eric Jimmy Anklesaria the Popular Financial Advisor


Having an excellent track record of great service and extraordinary performance, Eric Anklesaria is among the most popular financial advisors in the world. He uses his expertise and knowledge to create personalized financial plans for clients. He is amazing in performing his responsibilities and from budgeting to investments, he is impeccable in reevaluating and recreating future goals that can be beneficial for future growth. Like a successful financial advisor, he quickly analyses valuable inputs and insights, provides businesses with the flexibility to compete in the most difficult situations, and helps clients to make effective decisions.

Key Attributes that make Eric Jimmy Anklesaria expertise invaluable

A trusted and knowledgeable financial advisor like Eric Jimmy Anklesaria can take a business out of the most adverse situations. So what makes him such an effective leader in the field of finance? Let’s have a look at his major traits as a successful financial advisor.

  1. Ability to Deliver Market-Leading Business Results

Throughout his career in the field of finance, Eric’s performance has been exceptional. He has achieved impossible targets for every organization he has worked with. When he was the Vice President at Capgemini, the company achieved exceptional business growth of more than 1000% and within 3 years, the practice crossed Euro 3000 million in revenue. At Ernst & Young LLP, Eric with his strategic approach had garnered more than 90% share of all Public Sector Banks for IT consulting engagements.

  1. Having a Great Reputation

Eric is immense popular in the corporate finance sector as he has been associated as a speaker and in an advisory capacity with industry bodies like DFS, RBI, IBA, CII, etc. Apart from that, he has also been nominated and served as an active member of the Department of Financial Services under the Ministry of Finance. He is also known for the successful implementation of CRM strategy while being the management consulting partner at KPMG. Personalities like Eric are born to do some extraordinary work and to set new benchmarks. The energetic and passionate financial advisor is also remembered to design the strategy for the country’s largest Direct Benefit Transfer platform for the Ministry of Women and Child Development. According to Eric Anklesaria News, the product is already being launch and is catering to more than 2.4 crore women beneficiaries in the country.

  1. A Proactive Approach

Eric keeps the lines of communication open and reaches to each and every segment of the entire supply chain system of the organization to produce market-leading business results. He holds 20+ years of diverse industry expertise and he always looks to update his skills and strategies according to the industry type, consumer behaviour, market changes etc. Through his proven abilities, he quickly analyzes key business drivers & develops strategies to grow a business line.

  1. Broad Experience encompasses various industries & strategies

A good financial advisor like Eric takes time to understand about client’s full financial situation. After understanding the entire financial ecosystem of a client, he then begins to develop a meaningful and accurate strategy to provide a holistic view of the client’s finances. His diverse industry portfolio includes core banking transformations, CRM strategy, Data warehousing & analytics, risk and finance advisory, program management, payments advisory, large-scale post-merger integrations etc.

  1. Specialization

Eric holds the special ability to be creative while building his client base. His specialized practices to deliver business and technology-centered initiatives across diversified financial institutions across banking, payments, asset management, insurance industry etc. provide businesses with tailored plans to meet organizational goals.

  1. Best Understanding of Wealth Management

Eric understands very well how to achieve and maintain wealth. He is a skilled financial professional to advise clients on earning and managing their money. His vast industry knowledge and expertise help clients to generate higher revenues by acquiring the best practices that suit current market trends and consumer preferences.

  1. Analytical Thinking

Being one of the best experts in the corporate finance sector, Eric never hesitates in acquiring the latest tools & methods to adjust to changing circumstances. He concentrates on a particular problem and identifies the obstacles in the way of growth and applies devises solutions to overcome such situations.

He always keeps in mind the major financial goals of his clients and analyses the state of their finances to suggest positive outcomes without wasting unnecessary funds.

Having all the qualities of being a successful financial advisor, Eric Jimmy Anklesaria emphasizes his willingness to improve his skill set and look to broaden further his industry expertise. His ability to research and never give up attitude to improve his client’s financial state makes him a great financial leader and a popular financial advisor.

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