Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms You Should Know


What are the erectile dysfunction symptoms you should know before it get late

Erectile dysfunction, a problem that is also commonly known as Impotence; is when a man cannot keep his erections needed for sexual intercourse. In this problem, a man is often unable to get an erection altogether, and even if he does, it is very momentarily. Also, this leads, to dissatisfaction with his partner’s life; as she is mostly not dissatisfied during intercourse. This problem can also lead to shame, dissatisfaction, and underconfidence in him. But with the enhancement in medical science, doctors have found progressive ways to cure the problem of Erectile dysfunction. If you’re looking for consultation then the best sexologist in delhi is offering online consultation at affordable cost. So, it is better to address the problem as soon as erectile dysfunction symptoms are there and get an effective solution to it.

Here is a complete guide on the problem of Erectile dysfunction, so read down the article to the end.

Erectile dysfunction symptoms

There are a few physical erectile dysfunction symptoms and signs, which can help you see if you suffer from the problem of Erectile dysfunction. These symptoms are as follows. 

  1. You have to go through a lot of effort to get an erection. 
  2. Even if you get an erection, you cannot keep it for long. 
  3. This leads to a reduction in sexual desire. 

When to go and see a doctor

To start, you should see a family doctor, whom you can be comfortable with, discussing your problems. However, some of the things which you can discuss doctor is. 

  1. The concerns about your sexual problems, especially about your erections, sometimes the problem of ED can also lead to premature ejaculation. 
  2. If you have some problems such as diabetes, heart diseases, and other underlying medical conditions can also lead to the problem of ED. 
  3. There are other symptoms with the erectile dysfunction symptoms. 

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

As a male’s sexual process is a complex process, a lot of hormones, emotions, nerves, and blood vessels contribute to men’s arousal. Thus, erectile dysfunction problems can be an outcome of it, and also issues like stress; tension can worsen the conditions of Erectile Dysfunction.

There can be many physical and psychological conditions that can lead to the problem of Erectile dysfunction. Sometimes, a small and minor sexual response can create a situation of Erectile dysfunction. Also, sometimes the resulting anxiety can make the conditions worse.

Some of the risk factors of Erectile dysfunction

If you are going older, it may need a lot of time to develop a firm erection. Also, a lot of physical touch to erection is required to get an erection and to maintain it. However, various risk factors, which can lead to the problem of Erectile dysfunction are as follows- 

  1. A lot of medical conditions, especially some heart and diabetes situations. 
  2. If you intake a lot of tobacco, it can restrict the blood flow, which over time can lead to the problems like Erectile Dysfunction. 
  3. The problem of ED is more in the people who are overweight or are not fit. 
  4. Certain medications, such as for the treatment of cancer and prostate surgery, can also lead to the problem of ED. 
  5. Some psychological conditions like stress, anxiety, and depression can also conclude to the problem of Erectile dysfunction. 
  6. If you are an avid drinker or a smoker, it can also lead to the problem of erectile dysfunction. 

How to prevent the problem of Erectile dysfunction

There are a lot of ways, which can help you prevent the problem of ED. The main one is to adopt some healthy life choices, which can help you restrain from the issue of Erectile Dysfunction- 

  1. You can work with your doctor to maintain the problem of Heart diseases and diabetes. 
  2. Make a point to see your doctors on a regular basis for medical screening and regular checkups. 
  3. It would help to avoid smoking, reduce alcohol intake, and use illegal drugs. 
  4. Try to exercise regularly, even if only for 20 minutes a day. 
  5. If you suffer from the problem of anxiety, or other mental conditions, get help from the doctor. 

How doctors diagnose the problem of Erectile dysfunction

The diagnosis of the problem of Erectile dysfunction can be done by a doctor, a health care worker, or a sexologist. Also, after carefully examining your situation, the doctor may suggest a suitable treatment for your ongoing problem of Erectile dysfunction. There are some of the following tests which can confirm the issue of Erectile dysfunction are as follows-

  1. Physical Examination – In this process, the doctor may carefully examine your testicles and penis and ask you about your medical history. 
  2. Blood tests – Sometimes, if the doctors feel you may have underlying heart conditions, a blood test may confirm the requirements of low testosterone levels, diabetes, and other health conditions. 
  3. Urine tests – Like blood tests, urine tests are also conducted to see if you suffer from underlying medical conditions. 
  4. Ultrasounds – In this test, a medical examiner creates an image of your penis to check the blood flow in it. This test is done under certain injections and medications to stimulate the blood flow in the penis and then to get an erection. 
  5. Psychological Exam – In this process, the doctor can ask you some questions and see if you suffer from the problem of depression or other possible causes. 

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

There are many treatment options available for the problem of Erectile dysfunction. According to your underlying issues, the doctor may suggest specific medications and ways to deal with the problem of ED. Some of the ways to get away from the problem of ED are by taking some oral pills, exercising a lot. Also, by exercising daily and adopting healthy lifestyles, you can change your lifestyle.

Take Away

There are many problems that a man can go through, in their lifetimes, due to several reasons. But most of them never find a perfect solution to it, as they are timid and afraid to discuss them with others. However, you can talk to your doctor regularly and get an answer to all your problems. So, if you are looking for a sexologist, you can give an effective solution to all your concerns, contact IASH, India. Also, if you need any more information about the doctors and the hospital, check it out on “IASH India.”

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