Employing Temporary Workers

Do you require temporary workers? Our Temporary Staffing Service aids hiring managers in filling temporary long- and short-term vacancies, with assistance from our Talent Acquisition Department. A temporary worker is a useful asset whether you require vacation coverage, help with a unique project, or interim assistance while you look for a permanent staff. If you have any additional inquiries, do get in touch with your talent acquisition partner.

hiring of contractors and temporary help

Important updates were provided by NUIT regarding the licencing of Microsoft Office for non-student temporary and contractor personnel in 2021. Starting on July 1, 2021, non-student temporary and contractor employees will no longer receive an Office product licence. Scroll down for more details.

* In July, new minimum wage rates came into effect.

Temp Staffing Service Sourced

To assist you in finding the ideal temporary worker to fit your needs, this service provides sourcing and placement assistance. Through our Talent Acquisition Department, we provide this service.

Please take note that the standard rate for procured temporary placements will increase from $3.50 per hour to $4.00 per hour as of the first full pay period in October 2021. Any new or existing temporary workers who were found with the aid of your Talent Acquisition Partner will be subject to this modification. In the upcoming weeks, look for more information on more cost structure modifications.

Direct Student Temps and Non-Student Temps

Please follow the processes listed below if you found a temporary applicant on your own and would like to hire them:

The candidate of their choosing receives the Non-Student Direct Temp or Student Temp onboarding checklist from the hiring manager (or department representative).

The candidate of choice follows the onboarding checklist’s instructions, completes all necessary tasks, and gives the hiring manager the completed documentation.

Following are the actions that the hiring manager takes:

Ensures that the applicant of choice’s I-9 Sections 1 and 2 are completed.

Before making a request via Onbase, I-9 Parts 1 and 2 MUST be completed.

Utilize the HR Online Request Form to submit all completed documentation.

Direct Temps who are not students will be sent to Talent Acquisition so that a background check can be started before processing.

Requests for background checks are automatically forwarded to HR Operations for processing after the candidate supplies the necessary information (only for Non-Student Temps).

Student temporary employees will be sent straight to HR Operations for processing.

PLEASE NOTE: Adobe Portfolios should not be uploaded through the HR Online Request Form. These versions cannot be opened by the system (Onbase). The files must be standard PDF files.


Since August 1, 2019, HR Talent Acquisition has stopped accepting direct temp submissions with completed I-9 Section 1 & 2 and personal data forms. An explanation of the missing details will be provided if you submit an incomplete request. Requests must be resubmitted with the necessary information in order to be processed.

*IMPORTANT UPDATE Regarding Microsoft Office Licenses for Temporary Hire 2021*

Northwestern will no longer grant non-student temporary or contract workers a licence for the desktop version of Office products after June 30, 2021. (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.).

Office licences for these people must either be purchased outright by the departments that employ them, or they must switch to Office Online. The online versions will still be accessible to temporary workers and independent freelancers, although there are some restrictions:

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint cannot be used offline; they require a working internet connection.

The desktop clients are a little quicker than these versions.

The user must first upload the file to their Microsoft OneDrive account before making changes to an existing file that is already on their hard disc or a shared network device.

To share the revised file, they may need to copy it back into their network drive.

It would be the department’s obligation to find a seller, buy the licences, and keep track of their accounts if they wanted to buy a desktop licence for their temporary or contract workers. Microsoft offers either one-time purchases or recurring monthly payments; prices are listed on the Microsoft website.

Please note that only non-student contractors and temps are impacted by this. Regular employees, students in graduate programmes, and undergraduates working temporary jobs are unaffected.

Terminations of Temp Workers

Departments are in charge of handling the firing of their own temporary employees. Any temporary worker who won’t be working for at least 60 days should also be let go. Temporary workers should be let go the pay period following their assignment finishes.

Except for Work-Study positions, student employees who are departing for the summer but anticipate returning to their current positions in the fall are not required to be terminated. (If a temporary worker is not expected back in the fall, immediately end employment.) However, unused sick days accrued prior to the summer will roll over to the fall quarter if not cancelled.

Automated terminations every quarter: Every quarter, in February, May, August, and November, HR Operations conducts a termination process to get rid of any temporary employees who haven’t been paid in at least 90 days.

If the record of your temp is included in this termination, a fresh request needs to be made if the temp will resume working.

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