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Elation EMR

If you’re interested in learning more about Elation EMR’s features, check out our Elation EMR Features Reviews. You’ll learn about the pricing options, integrations, scheduling, and charting. And, as always, we’ve included a demo so that you can see the software in action. After reading this ElationEMR Features Review, you’re well-equipped to decide whether or not to purchase this software.


While Elation EMR is a clinically-first EHR, it is not a medical billing software. Instead, it streamlines office processes and strengthens the patient-doctor relationship. That means primary care physicians can concentrate on providing excellent patient care. The Elation EMR demo illustrates this impressive feature. Let’s take a closer look. What makes it stand out? Here are three reasons. Read on to discover how Elation EMR can help your practice.

Whether you’re starting a new practice or a small practice, Elation EMR offers a complete solution to your medical practice’s needs. Elation EMR is HIPAA-compliant, meaning you can rest easy knowing that patient-physician communications are completely secure. Another plus: it’s mobile-friendly. It can run on both Android and iPhone – a handy option for busy professionals.

Pricing varies widely. Elation EMR has three pricing plans: Direct Care, Insurance, and Enterprise. The Direct Care plan costs $275 per month, while the Insurance plan costs $315 per month. The Enterprise plan costs $315 per month and includes support. Elation EMR is relatively expensive, but it offers some nice perks. The Enterprise plan costs $349/month, which is the average price for EMR software.

Elation EMR Software Features


If you’re looking for a quality EMR system, there’s no need to look any further than Elation EMR features. The system’s features make it easy to find patients, schedule appointments, and gather patient information. During a patient’s visit, Elation EHR features include charting, e-ordering, and a graphical representation of the patient’s past records. Additionally, the system prioritizes closing care gaps and shares care plans with the patient. It also comes with a clinical quality dashboard, which makes it easier to monitor the quality of the system’s features.

Another feature of Elation EHR is the scheduling function, which automates this aspect of patient care. The software’s scheduling feature enables front desk staff to focus on patient appointments, while examining clients’ eligibility, collecting co-pays, and ensuring a seamless virtual visit. Additionally, patients can move multiple appointments at once, while the software also supports custom schedules for each physician. For more information about this clinically-focused EMR, consider reading Elation EMR reviews and demos.

Another feature of Elation EMR that users have noted is its user-friendly interface. It’s easy to navigate through the software, and users have reported that they have very few bugs. Moreover, they love the layout of the software. Using Elation EHR can save physicians time and energy. Users also recommend frequent software updates. In addition to this, Elation EMR provides a patient portal, e-prescribing, and faxing.


Elation EMR features the ability to organize patient schedules by appointment type, which can streamline front-desk tasks. The scheduling feature also provides a variety of options, including color-coded time slots for each physician. Physicians can even organize their own schedules, so they can focus on patients instead of the clock. They can even sort appointments by date and time, and create customized schedules for each one.

For those looking for an EMR system with scheduling capabilities, Elation EMR is worth considering. This clinical-first EMR software identifies hidden potential in medical practices and automates critical clinical processes. Its features include automated appointment scheduling and data-intensive performance reports. Moreover, it has a host of useful features that allow doctors to maximize the efficiency of their practices. Read on to learn more about Elation EMR features and benefits.

Another key feature of Elation EMR is the ability to electronically renew prescriptions. It is certified by the EPCS to help prevent medication errors while reducing writing errors. This feature is beneficial to a physician’s medical practice because it makes the prescription renewal process more efficient and convenient. Another benefit of Elation EMR is that it is EPCS-compliant, which makes it much more convenient to dispense controlled substances electronically. Consequently, the entire process is safer and more accurate.


Using charting features is essential for ensuring patient data accuracy, and this software can help you with this process. It can streamline the charting process by capturing the entire patient visit. It also allows you to create custom forms and use dictation or free text for note-taking. Additionally, Smart Visit Notes help you automatically document patient encounters and prioritize action items. You can even upload a photo of your patient or include a custom tag.

One of the most important features of Elation EMR is its focus on face-to-face patient encounters. Client satisfaction is largely dependent on the quality of these encounters, and Elation EMR’s charting feature makes this process easier. Other features include a graphical representation of previous records and a coding facility. The charting tool also allows you to share your care plan with patients. And of course, the system also provides a clinical quality dashboard for you to track your clinical quality and patient satisfaction.

Another feature that makes Elation EMR stand out is the Patient Portal. This secure patient portal allows healthcare providers and patients to communicate with each other safely and securely. Besides keeping the patient’s medical history and updated medication records, Elation also stores lab results, diagnosis, and immunization records. This feature helps you strengthen your doctor-patient relationship by allowing you to review a patient’s chart during a virtual encounter.

Direct care

When it comes to EMR software, Elation stands out from the competition thanks to its care-intensive features. This software is scalable and customizable and offers membership and direct pay pricing options. The monthly pricing plan starts at $349 per month, while annual billing is $270. A 30-day free trial is also available. Once you’re satisfied with the demo, you can purchase the product on an annual or membership basis.

The company’s clinical-first EHR is aimed at independent primary care practices and physicians. It helps practices manage patient records, book appointments, and view provider schedules. With a three-panel console, Elation gives providers a comprehensive view of a patient’s history. It also maintains key patient health data and makes it easy to incorporate this information into a patient’s assessments.

The company’s EMR solutions can help independent primary care practices expand, communicate, and provide high-quality care. The company is proud to support independent primary care practices by offering clinical-first solutions that make their business run smoothly. Elation’s software supports the practice while maintaining the art and craft of medicine. It currently serves 23,000 active clinicians in over 2,100 clinics and provides health care to over nine million Americans.

If you are considering Elation EMR for your clinic, you can request a free demo. A customer service representative can customize a demonstration to meet your needs. This demo is free of charge and can be conducted by an expert. If you’re ready to make a purchase decision, schedule a demo today. Otherwise, you may find that Elation isn’t for you. Just make sure to compare prices and features. You Can also check other best EHR software like AdvancedMD EHR, Nextgen EMR, Cerner EMR, and eClinicalWorks EMR at Software Finder for comparing elation with other best EHRs.


The Elation EMR features reviews demo offers several benefits that physicians can utilize. Its integration tool allows doctors to integrate multiple applications into one system. Whether you are using it for billing, practice management, or anything else, you can connect your information and manage your entire practice with ease. You can even collaborate with other healthcare professionals with a single click. The integration tool will eliminate double data entry, and you’ll always have accurate patient information at your fingertips.

It streamlines certain processes, including the intake, assessment, and treatment of patients. Moreover, it frequently includes codes and applicable codes, eliminating human errors during data entry. All these benefits translate to increased client satisfaction, which is essential for any health care business. With the Elation EMR, you can share your care plan with patients and track the quality of your work in real-time. This will prevent claims from being denied and your revenue will grow.

The Elation EMR also includes a client portal with many highly valued features. The client portal saves all the details about a client’s health history, vaccination data, and lab reports. The secure client portal allows clinicians and patients to access this information anytime, anywhere, without compromising patient privacy. All this makes the Elation EMR an excellent choice for practice owners looking to enhance the quality of their patient care.

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