Dos and Dont’s of diamond jewellery care

diamond jewellery

Your guy just asked you to marry him and now you are the proud owner of a stunning diamond jewellery piece. But, it did not have any instruction manual to be familiar with the ways to take care of it. Worry not.  Here is a list of things that you should and shouldn’t do to help keep the meaningful and astonishing diamond jewellery piece protected and spot-free. 


Clean the jewellery

There is nothing wrong with cleaning the jewellery as it doesn’t cause any harm. If you are lucky enough to be nearby your jeweller, you can stop at the store occasionally and get the rings cleaned by an expert. This will give your ring a sparkly and cleanest outcome. 

Take them off before applying beauty products

Diamond jewellery often becomes grimy or dull from accumulated dirt, dust, and the natural oils present in your skin. However, it can begin to get dirty quickly from the deposits left behind by common beauty or skincare products. Things such as perfume, sunscreen, hairspray and lotion can leave behind a hideous film on the jewellery. Thus, to keep the jewellery from getting dirty rapidly, you need to take it off before you apply any skincare product.

Store safely

When you are not wearing diamond jewellery, it is significant that you store it in a secure place where it will not get dirty, lost, or damaged. You can ensure this by just placing the jewellery in one place each time you remove them (like in its original box or your customized jewellery box). This helps to keep your jewellery safe and make sure that dust there is no dust accumulation at all. 

In addition, it is recommended that you might want to store the diamond jewellery in an individual place (or in a distinct compartment) from any other jewellery that you might have. Diamonds are hard, and this is what makes the durable. But, the hardness means it may potentially scratch the gemstones or precious metals in the jewellery box. It is suggested that you do not store diamond jewellery in a box that contains opal and pearl jewellery as the gemstones are delicate. You can consider storing fragile jewellery away from the diamond jewellery inside a cloth-lined box or a soft cloth pouch. 


Do not walk your dog while wearing diamond jewellery

You shouldn’t walk your dog when you are wearing a diamond ring. There is clear proof that major damage to diamond rings is caused. When your dog yanks on the dog leash and puts pressure on the ring. 

Do not wear them when you do workouts

If you are someone who wears the ring all the time, particularly during workouts. You will certainly bend your ring and trigger the stones to come loose and even fall out eventually. If you are involved with construction work that entails the usage of nails, hammers, paint, heavy machinery etc. You should probably remove any jewellery that you are wearing. 

Don’t wear it during your sleep

It is recommended that you do not wear rings when you sleep because they might not let blood flow properly through the fingers. People often swell during a lie-down. Also, when you remove the jewellery, you need to make sure that you do not keep them over any type of drain or sink. People often remove their jewellery from their bathroom as they prepare themselves to hit the bed. However, it is suggested that you avoid this and as an alternative. You should consider taking the jewellery off far away from bathtubs and sinks, as it is easy to let go of a diamond ring or stud in a drain. It is okay to cook when you are wearing rings. Just remember that they might get grimy and dirty after some time. Visit this app to know more details about caring for your diamond jewellery.

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