Ultimate Guide to Dubai Desert Safaris for 2022 Dubai Honeymoon Tour

Desert safari in Dubai

The Desert Safari in Dubai is one of the prominent adventures you can experience in Dubai during your honeymoon. In other words, Dubai Desert Safari refers to the guided excursion in Dubai’s giant and isolated Deserts. Desert Safari is the best way to enjoy a thrilling honeymoon away from city life. Along with this feeling, you will get a chance to enjoy many more activities. This will include cultural programs that we will be discussing further.

So, make sure that your Dubai honeymoon package is not missing this excellent adventurous activity. And to ensure the same thing, you can rely on Roaming Routes which provides the best Dubai honeymoon package, including all the services and adventurous activities. But first, let us explore everything regarding Dubai Desert Safaris.

Things Included in Dubai Desert Safari

Firstly, we will go through all the activities that couples can opt for from the Dubai Desert Safari.

Dune Bash

Dune Bash is all about striking the dunes in the deserts in a 4X4. An expert driver will be handling the vehicle, whereas you will be sitting at the back enjoying the waves created by the dunes in the Desert. This is one of the most loved activities of Desert Safari that fills with you lots of amusements.

Sunset or Sunrise Views

When the rays of the Sun fall on the sand, the Dubai desert shines like gold. Many people start their Desert Safari in Dubai with the Sunset views and end it with the sunrise view. This is also the best instance for photography.

Traditional Arabian Hospitality

Traditions are never left behind in Desert Safari in Dubai. The honeymoon couple is generally welcomed with proper rituals in the traditional Arabian style. Hence, everyone will wish to grab this opportunity of traditional Arabian Hospitality.

Camel Ride

In the camel Ride, you will be sitting on the hump of the camel with your partner and experiencing thrilling desert life. This is also the best way to go for Sunrise or Sunset sighting in Dubai Deserts. Also, sightseeing is best enjoyed on the back of a camel, and hence one should opt for this ride in the first place.

Quad Biking

If you want to experience the most relaxed feeling ever, as if you are a significant character in a movie, nothing is better than Quad Biking. In this activity, you need to hear some instructions from experts, and you will be ready to run the Quad Bike in the infinite Desert of Arab.

Cultural Activity/Traditional Shows

By the end of the day and after concluding all the other Desert Safari activities, you can now concentrate on the traditional and cultural shows of Arabs. This will include authentic hospitality accompanied by folk songs and Belly dances. You can enjoy these shows and have your dinner in the Dubai Desert.

BBQ Dinner/Camping

The couple who wants to enjoy the Dubai Desert nightlife must try the BBQ Dinner in the Desert and overnight camping. With this, you will enjoy the real Desert at night when it shines in the sky.

Types of Dubai Desert Safaris

Now, let us go through all the different types of Dubai Desert Safaris you can enjoy on your honeymoon:

  • Morning Desert Safari: The morning Desert Safari in Dubai includes activities such as sunrise view, camel ride, dune bash, quad biking, etc.
  • Sunrise Desert Safari: Sunrise Desert Safari is specifically to witness the Sunrise in the Deserts of Dubai. Under this type, you can view the desert lighting up in golden colors.
  • Hot Air Baloon Ride: It is one of the premium types of Desert Safari in Dubai in which, along with other general activities, you get the chance to enjoy the view of the entire Desert from the sky. Also, get some photographs of yourself in the Baloon.
  • Dinner in the Desert: During the night tie, the weather in the Desert is quite chilled, and you both can enjoy your dinner peacefully.
  • Overnight Desert Safari: The overnight Desert Safari is the best way to enjoy the cultural activities, traditional breakfast, Desert Dining, and many more things in the Desert, including camping.

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Therefore, here we discussed the essential things regarding Dubai Desert Safari. We covered all the vital things, such as activities included in the Dubai Desert Safari and the different types of the Desert Safari. So, the honeymoon couple seeking to enjoy this fantastic activity in Dubai should list the things they will opt-in to Dubai Desert Safari and the type that suits them. The rest of the responsibility will be taken by your travel agency, Roaming Routes.

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