Deck Cleaning And Care Tips For Spring

Deck Cleaning And Care Tips For Spring

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your deck will prevent costly repairs and safeguard your investment. Since decks are subject to the elements the time, it’s an ideal idea to create an upkeep routine that will ensure your deck is protected and avoid costly repairs. 

Here’s a quick deck cleaning and care plan taken from experts like Brite Decking Australia to ensure it’s safe, good looking, and sound.

Spring: Wash the Deck

A deck that is not cleaned can be an ideal place for mildew and mold, which could cause decay. Here’s how to clean your deck:

1. Get rid of debris in between the decking boards with a putty knife. Be particular about the areas where the deck boards intersect with joists the structural members beneath the decking.

TIP: To make a DIY extension that’s actually a knee-saver, you can push the handle of your knife into 1 1/4-inch PVC pipe. Putty knives can squeeze into. Buy a groove that resembles a pole or crevice cleaning.

2. Be sure to protect all the plants and shrubs. Get them wet and cover them with plastic sheets.

3. Make sure to thoroughly sweep the deck.

4. Choose a suitable cleanser.

The wood deck Clean the deck with a regular cleaner, and then follow the instructions. Some decking needs to be wet before. Some don’t.

Deck made of composite: Cleanse with a product specially designed for composite materials. Clean up oil and grease staining using a commercial degreaser and soaps.

cellular PVC or Vinyl deck: You’ll only need to wash your hands in warm water as well as mild soap to get rid of mildew, mold and dirt.

5. The Deck Cleaning: Select a day that has a cool temperature and sunlight will not discolor the cleaner.

Deck made of wood: Utilize a paint brush, garden sprayer or a stiff-bristled Broom in order to spread the cleaner. Do not let it run into the deck. Do not let your deck dry before you’ve cleaned it. Let it sit for a while according to the the instructions of the manufacturer (usually around 10-15 minutes). Rinse thoroughly using clean water.

Tips for cleaning wooden railings: From the bottom upwards use the cleaning solution, then scrub and rinse. Moving from top to bottom sprays the cleaning solution on dry wood. It can double-bleach the wood, leaving marks that will not disappear even after the lower portion is cleaned. Beginning from the bottom will result in splattering on an unwetted surface, where the cleaner will be diluted and will leave no markings.

Decking made of composite: Use a gentle brush. Don’t use the pressure washer as it could permanently damage the decking and can cause the deck to be damaged and invalidate any warranty. Get rid of rust and leaf stains with a deck lightener that is made up of Oxalic acid.

Deck made of vinyl: Rub in circular movements with a stiff broom. After that, wash thoroughly.6. Let deck dry. Wait two days before sealing.

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