Dad Buried The Anti Parent Parenting Blog. Here’s Why It Matters.

Like most parents, you’ve probably got a few parenting blogs saved on your computer if you have a good idea for an article or video. But what if one of those blogs was the most popular on the internet? That’s what happened to blogger and father of two Justin Warner when his blog “Dad Buried the Anti Parenting Blog” went viral.

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Why dad buried the anti parenting blog

In a recent blog post, writer and father of two Dan Savage detail how his family buried an anti-parenting blog created by one of their own. The post has sparked debate and discussion around the issue of burying negative information about oneself.

Savage’s post is based on a real-life experience when he and his husband were out of town for a few days. Their five-year-old son discovered the blog and decided to show it to his parents. Dan explains, “like most parents, we threatened him with spanking or grounding if he ever showed it to anyone else.”

Upon returning home and seeing the blog, they debated what to do. Ultimately they chose to bury it because “we didn’t want our son to think that being against parenting was okay.” They believe that by burying the blog, they sent the message that “this isn’t who we are” and helped prevent further negativity from spreading within their family.

Dan’s decision to bury the blog raises many questions. Is it ethical to keep negative information about oneself hidden? Should families be more open about negative experiences, so children don’t learn to hide them? These are just some of the questions Savage’s post has sparked discussion about.

The power of storytelling

Stories are powerful. They can change the way we think, feel, and act. And they can do that even if they’re just stories told by strangers on the internet.

In a recent blog post, Dad buried The Anti Parenting Blog. Here’s Why It Matters, writer and father John Green argued that “the power of storytelling” is why Dad’s story matters.

 Stories can move us because they tap into our emotions and make us think about things we wouldn’t usually think about. For example, when Dad buried The Anti Parenting Blog, he was tapping into our emotions of anger and frustration. But he still needed to be done…

Dad then posted a new blog post explaining his reasons for burying The Anti- Parenting Blog. He said he wanted to show people how powerful storytelling can be…and how it can change how we see ourselves and the world around us.

Dad’s story shows us how powerful storytelling can be when used to share our beliefs and perspectives with others. His story also shows us that even if an opposing viewpoint seems substantial and impossible at first glance, it can be defeated with the right storyteller behind it!

How dad used his story to promote positive parenting

In 2011, Seattle’s father of three, Jordan Harbinger, published an anti-parenting blog called Harbinger’s goal was to challenge the conventional wisdom on childrearing and raise awareness about the various issues parents face. However, the blog received a mixed response from readers, one in particular caught Harbinger’s eye: his son’s reaction to one of his posts.

Jordan recalls that when he read one of his posts aloud to his five-year-old son, Jack, he “started tearing up.” Jack wasn’t just listening attentively; he seemed to relate and sympathize with the father’s experiences. “I had never seen that before,” Jordan says, “and it really struck me as a sign that I was doing something right.”

Inspired by this reaction, Jordan kept writing—even though hadn’t been getting many pageviews. In fact, at its peak, the site only received around 100 visitors per day. But Jordan knew that what he was saying mattered, and through he was able to help other fathers (and mothers) find their voice and share their stories with others who would appreciate them.

Since retiring from The Parenting Problems in 2015, Jordan has continued working on building Bridges Not Walls, an organization which aims to support positive parenting by connecting families through

Lessons learned from dad’s journey

Dad Buried The Anti Parenting Blog. Here’s Why It Matters

For years, Erik Chandler wrote a blog called “Anti Parenting” that attacked parents and parenting techniques. Although he always claimed to be an innocent outsider, his viewpoints were anything but. In fact, through his blog, Erik was able to bully and harass parents into submission.

But all of that changed when Erik’s daughter came into the picture. At first, he pretended to support her independence and freedom, but he was just using her as a shield from his own guilt. Eventually, Erik faced the truth: he wasn’t a good dad. And even though he tried to bury the blog and hide his true colors, his daughter saw right through him.

In the end, dad learned two important lessons: first, that it’s never too late to change for the better, and second, that it takes more than just good intentions to be a great parent. By admitting his mistakes and taking action to make things right for himself and his daughter, Erik has finally become a father worthy of praise.

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