Common Mini-Split Issues and How to Fix Them

Installing a mini-split system is an excellent way to solve your home’s comfort issues. To provide energy-efficient heating and cooling, these systems do not require ducting. They, like any other home comfort system, can have issues from time to time. Following are the common Mini Split Issues and how to fix them as suggested by the Heating & Cooling Repair Sacramento Services.

Water is dripping from the Mini Split

There could be an issue with the condensate drain or drain line if your mini-split is dripping water or not draining water. A clogged drain line, which causes water to back up and spill, is to be expected.

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The noise coming from the Mini Split

When mini-splits are in use, they usually don’t make a lot of noise. However, there are two scenarios in which they might make noise.

If you hear these noises, don’t be alarmed; they’re rather common. If your mini-split continually going into defrost mode, it could be a sign that something is wrong, such as low refrigerant, a damaged circuit board, or faulty sensors. 

Your Heating & Cooling Conditioning Repair Services in Sacramento will be able to quickly identify and resolve the issue.

It is not dehumidifying

A mini-split, like an air conditioner, is effective in dehumidifying throughout the summer. Mold in the condensate drain pipe, however, may cause this to fail. Another reason your mini-split air conditioner might not be properly dehumidifying is if it’s too big. A system that is too large will cool a room too quickly without giving it enough time to dehumidify. The size of a mini-split is determined by square footage and BTUs.

It doesn’t turn ON

If your mini-split won’t switch on, start with the remote. If the batteries in your mini-split are dead, it will not work. Most of the time, simply replacing the batteries will solve the problem.

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The Cold/Hot air is not blowing properly

A refrigerant leak could be the cause of your mini-split not cooling or blowing cold air. Refrigerant is used by your mini-split air conditioner to transfer heat and keep your home cool. These leaks require the attention of a licensed HVAC technician, from Heating & Cooling Repair Sacramento Services to mend the problem.

Excessive dust has started accumulating

The compressor’s sealant may have a leak, allowing refrigerant gas to escape over time this is referred to as “leaking”.  If you don’t plan on replacing your AC unit entirely, this will also necessitate professional repair assistance. 

During the winter, avoid utilizing mini split units because they employ heat pumps instead of compressors, which means they have less mechanical parts to operate when generating cool air. This is not an easy DIY task that you should take up. It is recommended that you call the professional service provider to have a look.

Malfunctioning of the compressor

If your unit seems to be running constantly and maintaining high temperatures even when it isn’t hot outdoors or if it hasn’t been used in a long time, it’s possible that your compressor has failed. This would necessitate the use of a professional repair service.

It has a bad odor

If your ductless mini-split emits a foul odor, it’s trying to alert you to a problem. The most common odors are it smells of mold, mildew, fish, vinegar, etc. 

Manufacturers of air conditioners are known for producing tough, high-quality equipment that last for years. Therefore check any fuses or circuit breakers first if your air conditioner fails. 

Allow few minutes for the unit to cool down before inspecting it. When the temperature is soaring, often the conditioner’s compressor trips. Thus, cooling it down perhaps for few minutes and restarting it by pressing the button in the compressor’s access panel.

In Conclusion

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