Cause of sensitive skin

For any girl who has sensitive skin problems. Let’s see the real cause. If you have a rash on your face that doesn’t heal at all. Get a little sun, your skin is red. Get a bit of dust and a rash. In addition, there are problems with acne that often appear to be bothered by the use of any cream. Or some people feel that the skin is dry. no makeup Follow us this way Because the symptoms that are said to be in the category of “sensitive skin”

In addition to eating skin food You should take care of your face with facial care products.  The products make for woman like you.

Sensitive skin is a condition in which the skin is easily susceptible to various environmental triggers such as cosmetics, cleaning products, sunscreen, certain wearables, water, or even cold, dry weather.

          This time, how can I restore sensitive, sensitive skin to be stronger? Let’s understand the symptoms Causes and Risk Factors as well as how to care for sensitive and acne-prone skin

What are the symptoms of sensitive skin?

          Sensitive skin usually shows itself clearly. We can easily observe the following symptoms.

          – Skin rash, itching is a common symptom. When the skin does not have a strong enough shield therefore causing irritation easily

          – Red skin when touching a stimulus Whether it’s sunlight, dust, wind, or even facial cleansing products. It can cause symptoms of sensitive skin. and often have small blisters on the cheeks, nose, and chin

          – Burning and stinging skin When the skin is more sensitive than usual, it can cause the skin to be sensitive to chemicals and easily irritated. In some cases, blistering and burning are more common than other symptoms.

          – flaky skin due to dry skin and lack of moisture or occurs in users of skin exfoliation products for a long time

          However, sensitive skin can occur in every part of the body. From the face, lips, body and scalp, or during periods where the body undergoes a lot of changes, such as during pregnancy or when getting older

Causes and factors provoking sensitive skin

  1. Internal factors

          Our epidermis has a natural protective mechanism. including helping to retain moisture But if the enzyme activity is abnormal, the skin’s protective barrier will not be able to function fully. The skin is therefore fragile, weak, loses water and allows external factors to attack the skin.

          Age and genetics also play a role, for example, a child’s skin is more sensitive and more sensitive to chemicals. As the skin gets older The skin structure is weakened. It can cause sensitive skin and cause sensitive skin problems.

  1. External factors

          – Weather: hot weather, cold weather, hot shower and dry weather All of them trigger dry or dehydrated skin, the skin may crack, and the rash can become more severe. And most importantly, it may cause sensitive skin.

          – Some treatments, such as radiotherapy and antibiotics, can make the skin sensitive and destroy important bacteria too much.

          – Environment, various toxic pollution and impurities It can affect our skin.

          – Inappropriate selection of skin care products May contain ingredients that make the skin too tight. This is a risk of irritation and can escalate into a more severe allergic reaction.

          – Inadequate rest, stress and anxiety Makes the skin weaker as well.

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