Call center enhance their business growth: 7 qualities that must follow

The call center industry is very challenging and competition is very high. Whether your call center is growing successfully or not you must reevaluation to improve and maintain your business. If you have a call center organization then you have complex business and achieving success in these areas is complicated manner.

Agents play important role in call center success. They are the core part of this business and handling customers wisely is an important part of any business success. Before starting call center best practices, overlook the existing strategies as well as to conduct an in-depth evaluation for call center operations. After that, you can determine what you have, what you want, what is your plan of action should be.

Why call center quality is important?

Quality work maintains customer satisfaction that’s why measuring quality is important. It improves the customer experience and differentiates your business from others. Moreover, you can evaluate the agent score and know which agents need training. The primary purpose of monitoring the agents is to improve their performance as well as drive business revenue. The higher quality score specifies the better customer experience while a low-quality score determines poor customer experience. In addition, measuring the quality of call centers makes an important contribution to long-term viability and revenue. Other than that, quality is critical for customer satisfaction as well as retaining their loyalty. So, they continue to buy from you in the future.

7 ways to enhance call center quality?

Call center KPIs to matter a lot to improve the quality. Record every call, what is the type of call (sale or service), call statistics like when it arrived, waiting time, answering time, how many times it was transferred, etc. Utilizing this information along with customer feedback is beneficial to set goals and monitor KPIs.

Here are some factors that implement to increase the call center quality:

  1. Monitor every channel

The first and most important step is to boost the call center quality score is to monitor all channels. If You offer customer support via omnichannel then you should monitor all practices and channels. Often, the call center monitors just voice calls which are not enough. It is also important that how the agent attracts the customer, email, SMS, and live chat all are equally important.

  1. Feedback and coaching

Coaching consistently and feedback is the top priority when we talk about call center quality improvement. Rather than taking the feedback monthly, it is important to take the feedback daily or weekly. Positive or negative feedback determines the quality score as well as you know well how to overcome mismanagement. In addition, feedback is in the form of a scorecard, survey, or KPIs.

  1. More attention on low performers

Agents are the most important part of call center business and their performance satisfies the customers. You can say that it depends upon the agents that they make their customers or lose them. All of your agents have a goal-oriented mindset and monitoring the low-performance agents boost their productivity. Improving the key performance indicators of low-performance agents impacts greatly on call center quality scores.

  1. Encourage your agents

Motivate your agents that are done their work energetically and more focus on customer care. Motivate the agents in two ways; intrinsic or extrinsic. Intrinsic means motivate from within oneself while extrinsic means motivate the agents by giving the reward. Intrinsic motivation is often stronger and more long-lasting while extrinsic motivation in a call center is in the form of reward agents by giving bounces or a variety of perks.

  1. Include fun factor

Never forget the fun activities including in your business because in this way employees fresh their mind and work more attentively. Other than that, it is important to enhance the quality score of a call center. Provide regular breaks where agents drop their headsets and fresh their minds in a few minutes. Bring table tennis, Ping-pong table, or beanbag toss for them where they are relaxing after a challenging or stressful call. In addition, invest in a good coffee machine and some pieces of good comfy furniture. Arrange dinner after a few weeks where all employees together and they feel good.

It doesn’t matter that your call center is virtual or physical, you can make your employees happy by arranging the dinner plan or party. In this way, employees feel loyalty towards the company and this loyalty and happiness enhance to increase the quality score high.

  1. Utilize smart technology

Technology plays a great role to expand your business and increase its quality. Technology has the potential to minimize the employee burden as well as streamline the client experience. For example, IVR makes the calling system fast. It means your customers can move through your system to arrive at a solution quicker. So, invest in smart software that makes standout your business in the market, and more customers grab you. Smart software reduces manual tasks and makes the work more efficient.

  1. Hire selectively

Hiring practices in your call center are the basis for certifying your workforce to deliver efficiency, consistency, and quality. Hire selectively and train them continuously to improve the results. Moreover, revisit the hiring techniques to confirm that you are looking at the best qualities for agent accomplishment. Furthermore, find new ways and train your agents to grow your business.


In present days limitless opportunities for call center business. Employing the right technology, focusing on customer satisfaction, and hiring motivated agents to achieve your goal. Through investing in your quality assurance process and agents, your agents will win as well as will your clients. Move more products and gain more customers.

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