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The world is turning towards online shopping, and the same goes for the food industry. Online grocery shopping is getting more popular with each passing day. With so many benefits, it is becoming easier to purchase basmati rice online in bulk at wholesale rates.

The convenience of buying basmati rice online in bulk is beyond comparison. You can shop at any time, from anywhere, and in just a few clicks. It saves you from the hassle of roaming around markets to find the best quality of rice at affordable prices.

You can buy basmati rice online in bulk at a wholesale rate that offers various benefits over traditional shopping. You can get discounts and offers on bulk buying. Online websites offer amazing deals on different products, making it more affordable for you to buy basmati rice online in bulk.

Online purchasing has made it easy for you to order your favorite products without worrying about the quality of the product or expiry dates as well as being packed hygienically. Most importantly, you do not have to worry about carrying heavy bags home from the market. 

Opportunity with provides an opportunity to buy basmati rice online in bulk at wholesale rates while ensuring a transparent process. 

To buy Basmati Rice online in bulk you need to become our member and you can easily get registered on our website by providing your basic details.

In the recent past, bulk purchases for basmati rice have seen a spike in the demand and supply curve. 

The growing popularity of Indian cuisine and the increase in exports of agricultural products from India have led to an increase in the demand for basmati rice.

Advantages of Buying Basmati rice online 

There are many advantages to buying the best basmati rice online. One of the prime reasons is that it saves time. The hassle-free delivery process is another reason that has contributed to this rise in trend.

Online purchasing of basmati rice has been made simpler and easier by Tradologie, one of the leading global B2B platforms for agriculture products. It provides excellent services at competitive rates and makes sure that your bulk purchase order gets delivered to you on time, every time.

Types of basmati rice you can buy online 

Basmati Rice is a variety of long-grain rice that is grown in India and Pakistan. Basmati means ‘scented’ or ‘fragrant’, and the aroma and flavor of basmati rice is its trademark. This aromatic rice has a nutty flavor, which makes it ideal to pair with Indian curries, stews, and biryani. Basmati rice is generally sold in the market in two forms- raw basmati rice, which is more nutritious, and brown basmati rice. It can be stored for long periods without refrigeration, as it does not need to be cooked immediately after purchase.

Here are a few of the types of Basmati Rice you can buy online:

Raw Basmati Rice – This type of raw basmati rice is non-parboiled and contains all the nutrients intact in its original form. Raw basmati rice has a rich aroma and taste that makes it an ideal accompaniment for various Indian dishes like biryanis, pulao, halwa, etc.

Brown Basmati Rice – Brown basmati rice is whole grain rice or unpolished basmati rice that contains all the nutrients intact, just like raw basmati rice. 

How to buy Basmati rice through is one of the best online marketplaces where you can buy basmati rice online in bulk. To order basmati rice online, simply register with us and place your requirement. You will get connected to a number of verified and trusted basmati rice exporters and suppliers who will fulfill your requirement as per your needs and specification.

You can also use Tradologie’s various features like reverse auction, and e-negotiation, to get the best deal for basmati rice purchase.

Tradologie is a global digital trading hub that connects thousands of buyers and sellers in real-time. We provide an online platform to the sellers to showcase their products so that they can get maximum exposure in the market, and at the same time, buyers can browse through a large number of suppliers and fetch the best deal for themselves.

Tradologie has a lot of Buyer tools available on our website which will help you to find your desired product easily, compare the prices with other sellers, place the inquiry and view your order history. The best part of Tradologie is all these services are free. 

Yes!! You read it right, we don’t charge any fee to register on our website or buy anything.

Basmati Rice is the most popular rice in India and Pakistan. There are many varieties of basmati rice like 1121, Pusa, Mahatma, Dawat, Kohinoor, etc

How to get the best price of Basmati Rice

Basmati rice exporters sell their products through the online trading platform The bidding process at Tradologie is quite easy and transparent. Buyers can quote their price to the suppliers and if the supplier agrees he can accept the bid and the delivery order will be generated automatically.

If you are a buyer looking for Basmati rice then this article will help you in understanding how to buy Basmati rice through

Follow these steps to buy Basmati Rice

Step 1: Signup as a buyer on

Step 2: Search for Basmati Rice on the Tradologie search bar. If you want any specific variety then mention it in the search bar for example if you want 1121 then search for 1121 Basmati Rice or if you want PUSA then search for Pusa Basmati Rice search bar. You also have the option to browse different products on category pages i.e Agriculture Category.

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