Building and designing your own toy box: Here’s how it works


If you like to do handicrafts, you can build your own toy box with your children, remote control body shells which the little ones can decorate and paint to their heart’s content. This also makes it easier to store everything properly at the end of the day – and the box also looks good! How to make such a box, we will show you now.

Build your own toy box: step by step

There are very different types of toy boxes, remote control body shells which can be equipped with a bench and castors, for example. Which box you want to build depends entirely on your preferences and crafting skills. In the following, we will show you how to make and decorate a simple box with a bench and pull rope.


To build your toy box, you’ll need some tools. remote control body shells it is ideal if you have extensive craft and tool equipment in stock at home or can borrow it. The easiest way is to have all the necessary parts simply sawn to fit in the hardware store.


The ideal dimensions for our DIY play box are: H: 23 cm, W: 40 cm, D: 30 cm. In addition, there is a matching lid plus a 10 mm thick plywood panel, with which you can strengthen the underbody and another plywood panel for the seat on the lid.

For this you also need an upholstery cover, foam and a Velcro strap for the upholstery cover. In order to be able to pull the box, you need 4 wheels and for the pulling cord a matching string with wooden bead (as a handle). In addition, there are suitable screws for the rollers.

Crafts – Instructions

Either you buy everything ready-cut in the hardware store or you saw the required pieces according to the above dimensions yourself. Then you just have to glue the sawn pieces together with wood glue. The plywood panel comes to the floor as a reinforcement.

Now it’s the turn of the upholstery cover. You first need the dimensions of the box lid, after which you saw a suitable plywood panel. Here, too, it is possible to have this panel cut to fit directly in the hardware store.

Manufacture cover

You have to grind this plywood board nicely round. remote control body shells then comes a matching piece of foam and a colorful cover, which, however, should survive about 5 cm on each side, so that you can turn it around the plate and staple it. By the way, you can glue the foam and the cover before you tap it, then it holds all the better.

Attach the upholstery cover to the box lid

For this, you can attach a self-adhesive Velcro tape on all four sides of the lid surface and the counterpart on the bottom of the just-made plywood board with the cover. So that everything holds better, you can additionally tap the tape. Now the seat can be easily fixed to the lid with the help of the Velcro strap.

Axle construction for the wheels

For this, you can also get the matching squared timbers from the hardware store or cut them yourself. It is ideal if they extend slightly beyond the box on each side so that the wheels have sufficient space (freedom of movement) to the left and right of the box. Then you drill holes in the ends of the woods (axles) in which you attach the screws for the wheels.

To attach the axes to the box, it is best to turn them over and mark the ideal position on them before drilling the four holes for the screws (two holes for each axis). Then you can attach them.

Attach the pull cord

For the string, you take a pretty rope or cord, for which you drill two holes in the box through which you can pull the rope. You knot the two ends and put a large wooden bead on it, which serves as a handle when the little ones want to pull the box.

Design a toy box

The children were not yet able to contribute much to the construction itself, but it is now all the more fun for them when they are allowed to design the toy box. There are no specific instructions for this because each box should be completely individual.

There are many options for designing the toy box:

Painting with finger paint

Painting patterns with stencils


Decorating with gemstones or artificial flowers

Attachment of wobbly eyes

Your children can also immortalize themselves with a colorful handprint or, top rc cars crashes if they can already write, with their name on the box. Maybe you also want to stick photos of the children on the box and seal them with foil? There are no limits to your creativity here. Let yourself be inspired by different craft materials!

But the most important thing is that the children like the box and therefore it is also most beautiful if they are allowed to decorate it themselves.

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