Best Options for Self-Employment

Self-employment can be a scary option for some people. While it may lack the security of another employer, it can come with its whole range of benefits. You can try being a food photographer and taking pictures of marvelous meals. You can be a freelance writer and create content for many potential clients. Job sites like Jooble are specialized in finding self-employment opportunities and giving you assurances on what to do. Below are some of the best options you can have when starting from the beginning. If this career path seems right for you, take a browse at the options below to see if any resonate with you.


Freelance Writing 

Being a freelance writer can mean many things. You could be writing content for dozens of websites. Each website could be about a different topic. This means you could be researching several interesting subjects. Other types of freelance writing can be helping people with their CVs. You can offer editing work or simply write it for them if they pay you enough. Others can sometimes write blogs that include paid subscriptions. If the customers are interested, they may pay you more money for more captivating words.  

Interior Designer 

A lot of interior design work is done by self-employed workers. Occasionally, you will have someone looking for an interior designer to help with the creation of their new home. This will include designing rooms in the house. It could be making a lovely-looking living room or a fabulous kitchen. Interior designers will come with their qualifications and will be charged by the hour or from the workload. Be sure to discuss with the client what their particular wants and needs are. You must leave with a happy client, so they can recommend you to other people.  

Event Organizer 

While this is a job that could be done by everyone, a true professional can make it spectacular. A self-employed event organizer can be hired to completely manage a certain event. This can range from handling the guests, creating the theme, purchasing the supplies, and so much more. You could organize a wedding or a birthday party. Your rates will be determined by the hour and how much effort is put into the event. It is important to try and get the client to purchase as many of the supplies as possible. Using your own funds to purchase event supplies could end up giving you a loss when you get paid.  


Being a tutor is like being a teacher. Only this time, you aren’t constrained by the rules of the school you work for. Private tutoring can be a good form of payment, depending on how many lessons you have with the student. You can opt to teach several courses or get paid for the lesson. What you teach can be entirely up to you. You can choose to teach general subjects and organize your own lesson plan for your tutee to go through. You can also choose to have one-on-one sessions or multiple subjects at the same time.  

Personal Assistant 

Being a personal assistant is a rewarding job for multiple reasons. While technically working for a client, you are still considered self-employed since you decide your work hours and what you can do. You can choose your client and offer help depending on your own skills. You may be able to perform various tasks for them and help their business run a little smoother. The hours can be flexible, but often you will need to be available at all times. The more punctual you are with your responses, the more tasks you will be given and a possible pay raise.  

Be sure to check other great examples of self-employment through job sites. These websites can offer great advice on how to get started. They can also help with thinking about how to switch over safely when leaving employment from a business.  


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