Best Monsoon Treks in India 

Monsoon is the most suitable season to travel as you get to experience and look at the true colors of nature while traveling. The appearance of lush green color mixed with the earthy smell acts as a drug to your soul- whetting your greed for more. Though there are many places where trekking in monsoon would not be so easy, the scenic beauty of the place would be worth all that sweat.

Rainstorms expire rich flora deep into these hillsides, regulated by hikers with breathtaking views. The hills are at their brightest golden chamak and most vivid during the rainy season, with dense vegetation and flourishing grasslands. The hills are every now and then as beautiful as they are during the monsoon season.

Here are the top 7 places where you can go trekking during the monsoon season:-

Harishchandragad Trek

Ever wondered about stopping over the beautiful Western Ghats? But you should not dare think that trekking in the Western Ghats is a piece of cake because the range called ‘Cobra’s hood’ of the Harishchandraghat trek is a tough one. This is one of the most difficult and challenging monsoon treks in India. But as they say, tough nuts when broken give you the best flavour so this is this place. You would be mesmerized with the cinematic beauty of the valley and the Konkan Kada here. So why pick this trek in monsoon? It’s because this place gives you the scenic good looks in monsoon. Exploring the caves in the rain you would feel happy-feel-lucky and peaceful.

Duration- 2 Day

Difficulty- Moderate

Altitude- 4690 ft 

Location- Maharashtra

Valley of Flowers

Now this place should be on the top of everyone’s list of monsoon treks because of its unbounded beauty for which it is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The monsoon rains fling a spell over this valley by decorating it with a colourful bedsheet of flowers and thus makes the view mesmerizing and worth watching. The amazing weather is an added bonus to the multicolored scenery. You can always spot colorful butterflies, animals and birds like Musk Deer.

Duration- 6 Days

Difficulty- Easy

Altitude- 15,200 ft

Location- Uttrakhand

Kashmir Great Lakes

We most often think of Kashmir as a very cold place, but it has a much more beautiful secret hidden to it. In Kashmir Great Lakes trek one can see 7 alpine lakes appear, no less. The best part is that every lake is unique and different which blisters its own beauty. The season of rains would make this trip much more memorable when all you see around you would be green pastures decorated with colourful flowers. The freshness and glow of it is overwhelming and eye-catching.

Duration- 8 Days

Difficulty- Moderate

Altitude- 13,750 ft

Location- Jammu and Kashmir

Beas Kund Trek

This place is quite near-at-hand to Manali and also it has been a popular place to trek because during the journey of your trek you get to watch Manali’s biggest mountains which are a treat to a trekker’s eyes. You would mostly find first-class peaks like Friendship Peak, Shitidhar,Hanuman Tibba and Seven Sisters along your side. The monsoon season might make this trek a bit tricky and slippery but you would surely enjoy the views. Moreover, it would be a short and sweet duration trek and won’t be much difficult and challenging.

Duration- 4 Days

Difficulty- Moderate

Altitude- 12,770 ft

Location- Himachal Pradesh

Hampta Pass Trek

This is an ideal trek for both beginners and professional trekkers as Hampta Pass Trek is famous for the enchanting beauty of the rugged mountains during the monsoon months. This trek would make you experience as well as struggle both types of landscapes- lush green and barren. Kullu would be full of pine forests and apple trees, streams and waterfalls, but as soon as you pass through it, the land would become arid and coloured in stark browns to greys with barren footpaths and rock walls. You would also observe the beautiful Chandratal Lake filled with blue, clear water. Though trekking would be a little out of hand in the season of the monsoon, you would get to experience the best colours of nature in this beautiful place.

Duration- 5 Days

Difficulty- Moderate

Altitude- 14,010 ft

Location- Himachal Pradesh 

Pin Parvati Trek

This is a type of backup route to the striking Spiti Valley. Since Pin Parvati is one of the oldest and ancient treks in the Himalayas it is also known as the ‘Valley of Gods’. This valley offers mesmerizing and eye-catching views to the trekkers. It’s a suitable season for trekkers, passing through the woods of Great Himalayan National Park. Monsoon Season is the best and the most suitable season to visit this valley because the water would be pouring out at full speed and you would get to go through the greenery around you all the time with birds chirping at their melodic best.

Duration- 11 Days

Difficulty- Difficult

Altitude- 7,500 ft

Location- Himachal Pradesh

Kedartal Trek

  • Maximum Altitude: 16,110 feet
  • Trek Duration: 7 days
  • Suitable Season: During the months of May-June and September-October
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate

Kedartal is one of the highest lakes in Uttarakhand which is formed by the melting of Kedar glacier, thereby giving birth to Kedar Ganga River which is an important tributary of Bhagirathi River. It is also known as ‘Shiva’s Lake’ and is one of the popular Trek in Uttarakhand and is also known for its challenging trek route as well as the overwhelming views which is like a cherry on the cake. 

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