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Best Cleaning Practices in Industrial Sites and Facilities


Cleaning an industrial facility is no easy task and yet. It is one that has to be done daily to ensure the safety and operational efficiency of the facility. But how can it be systematically cleaned given that there are so many people passing through and working in such a crowded area? Here are the best practices for maintaining and cleaning such industrial sites and facilities.

Maintenance Schedule

There should be a maintenance and cleaning schedule for all sites on a daily basis. If it is cleaned daily why it does have to have a schedule? Because the type of cleaning and method of doing it is different for each type.

Of course, you have the conventional cleaning of taking out the garbage, sweeping, and brushing, and there is also a different method which are hydro blasting, chemical cleaning, and machinery maintenance. So, in all of it, there are different ways of doing it. Thus it should be very well considered to schedule such operations according to priority or according to the site of operation.

Daily Emptying of Bins

All bins should be taken out at the end of the day because everything must be cleaned for the next day’s operation. Day for example the bins are not emptied what usually happens is that because of the activity on the site. There would be too much garbage and by-products produced that it would overwhelm the whole site if the bins overflow. Thus keeping it emptied after a day of operation is a must.

If the operation is a continuous process. The emptying bins and other garbage must be emptied on an interval cycle. It means in an average time when the bins will be full. It should always be emptied, even if the bins are not yet full.

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Recycling Sites

One of the best initiatives in industrial facilities is the promotion of recycling sites. As they produced that many by-products it is always a wise idea to create a separate site to recycle the materials that are deemed to be recyclable.

This way the sites can save resources by selling recyclable junk. Also, save space for garbage disposals that cannot be recycled or utilized anymore. Recycling sites also create a green working culture in industrial sites which is good for marketing. Rapport of the company with the community and the market as well.

Departmentalize Cleaning

One pragmatic way of dealing with the cleaning and maintenance tasks is to do it by the department. By departmentalizing the whole task there would be lesser social loafers within each department. As they would be directly responsible for their own workspace in terms of cleaning and maintenance. Also, it would be beneficial for the worker as a time. You will be allotted days for the cleaning of the stations that do not include the operational tasks in the facility.

Cleaning and maintenance in an industry and its facilities are not always that easy due to the high level of activity in the area. Nevertheless, such practices are viewed as essential operations since not doing so could hinder the operation of the whole facility or even cause accidents and increase hazards in the work area.

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