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4 Things to Know Before Traveling to Turkey


Turkey is no doubt one of the most interesting places to visit in the world. If you are planning on getting your turkey tourist visa, then you have to make sure that you know about the important things before traveling to turkey. 

Before we tell you about these important things, we would like you to know that a Turkey visa is mandatory for people from all across the world, so if you are thinking, do I need a visa for turkey? Then the simple answer to this thought is YES! 

You need to get a turkey tourist visa no matter whether you are planning a quick stopover or want to take a long break. 


If you are thinking about how to get a Turkish visa, then know that you can apply for turkish visa online by touristevisa.

Now that you know that a tourist visa is important let us talk about the things to know!

The Turkish cuisine majorly includes vegetables

If you are getting a turkey tourist visa to try out Turkish cuisine, then you must know that it majorly includes vegetables and related dishes. Turkish cuisine is no doubt famous for its BBQ and meat but know that there is a larger variety of veggies that you can find on the menu of local restaurants. So if you are a vegetarian, you can enjoy the local cuisine a lot. The food in Turkey is not spicy and so if you are fond of spicy foods, then you would have to know about the international cuisines available there before traveling. You need to collect all information about food at the time of filling the application for Turkish visa. 

You would need to have cash with you at all times

We are living in the digital era, and the majority of us are more comfortable paying with our debit or credit cards. But you should know that credit cards are only accepted in Turkey in big cities like Ankara and Istanbul. If your stay is in smaller cities or towns, then you would need to have cash at all times to pay for everything, including food, groceries, taxis, and even public bathrooms.

Street cats and dogs are an important part of the society

In most countries around the world, people are not fond of cats and dogs roaming the street. But this is not the case in Turkish society and culture. If you think that you can shoo away a cat or dog from the street, then you are going to face a lot of criticism from the local people. Turkish people have a bong with street animals and have soft feelings for them. Many documentaries have been made on this close relationship between people and animals lately. If this relationship interests you, then you need to get a turkey tourist visa and check it out.

You can apply for a Turkish visa online

If you are planning on going to turkey and want to get a turkey tourist visa, then know that today you don’t have to apply for the visa manually; rather, you can get a Turkish e-visa from the official website of the government. The process to get this visa is quite simple and straightforward, and even a layperson can obtain a visa from there.

Application for a turkey visa has become very easy, so you definitely need to plan a trip there!

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