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The world of fitness nutrition is growing day by day. The field of sports medicine and nutrition is progressing by leaps and bounds and each new day accompanies a new advancement. These innovations serve the core purpose of making fitness regimens successful and aim to deliver desired results quicker and safely. In the past couple of years, the sports supplements industry has witnessed a boom, primarily because of increased awareness regarding the significance of these support nutrition. Additionally, new, and better supplements are constantly making their way into the fitness industry. Each new product guarantees promising results and focuses on body functions and elements that play an important role in enhancing gym routines and outcomes. One of such innovative and effective supplements is the BCAA.

What are BCAAs

BCAAs are the abbreviation of Branched-Chain Amino acids. As the name indicates, the BCAAs are a special group of amino acids that stand out from the rest due to their branched structures. Among the 20 amino acids that have a role in synthesizing everything in our body, 9 are essential amino acids. This means they cannot be synthesized by the body and must be obtained through diet. Out of these 9, only three have branched structures. They are Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine.

Benefits of BCAAs

The secrets of BCAAs lie in their structures. BCAAs are hydrophobic amino acids. They have an important role in the formation of globular proteins. These proteins perform crucial body functions of transport, immunity, hormone, and action as enzymes. Hemoglobin is an example of a globular protein. Resultantly, these BCAAs perform some very important functions in the body and the brain. The BCAAs are precursors of not only protein synthesis but also skeletal muscle protein synthesis.

The key benefit of BCAA supplements is the increase in muscle size and volume. Being globular proteins, BCAAs have a key role in the formation of skeletal muscles. These muscles are exactly what is needed for sports and athletic performance. Strength training such as weightlifting, or bodybuilding involves intense muscle activity that results in considerable wear and tear of the muscle tissue. It help with muscle regeneration and repair.

Sports championships are not all about weight and sprint. Rather, there are some aesthetic and build championships too which involve a display of overall strength and muscles. Competitions such as “Mr. Muscle” and others involve a display of muscular build among competitors. Aspiring champions use BCAA supplements such as Mega Sport BCAA and others to boost their muscle growth and attain the desired body to flaunt.

Who Should Use BCAA Supplements

In a nutshell, BCAAs are for anyone looking to gain muscles. The reason for doing so varies from individual and their physique. However, we mention some goals and people who can make the best out of these supplements:


Bodybuilding is a fitness, or more appropriately, a flaunt competition where competitors show their flexing muscles and six-packs. The competitor with the best muscles is declared the winner. For competitions like these, participants need a steady intake of proteins and amino acids to facilitate and boost their muscle growth. For many, the desired results need to be achieved in a relatively shorter time. This is where the BCAA play their role. With a steady supply of muscle-building amino acids, coupled with regular exercise and a balanced diet, bodybuilders attain their desired weight and body to enter the competition.


If you are an athlete who engages in prolonged training sessions, then BCAA might be the right thing for you. Long hours of cycling, swimming, or other athletic performances can cause significant muscle damage due to wear and tear. There is a strong need to regenerate muscles and provide the necessary energy to the training-exposed muscles. BCAAs being amino acids play their role in the regeneration of muscles and repair any damage.

Sick Individuals

There are certain ailments and diseases where the body’s protein suffers a dip. Diseases like cancer affect the body’s muscles which suffer a considerable loss. The body’s overall mass reduces as well. BCAA supplements when taken alongside medication and a healthy diet can help recover some of the lost protein. In other diseases where the body fails to make sufficient protein, such supplements can provide immense support.


BCAA supplements are a revolution in the world of fitness nutrition. However, not every supplement is meant for everyone. Talk to a certified fitness trainer, or your general physician before beginning any supplement to see if they are the right choice or are according to your fitness goals.

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