All You Need to Know About Bamboo Rice!

Bamboo rice

Bamboo Rice called Mulayari or Moongilarisi, is really the seed of a perishing bamboo shoot that is created toward the finish of its life expectancy. As indicated by research, it is a significant and significant type of revenue for ancestral living in the woodlands.

The explanation this rice is usually not accessible is that it requires numerous years for a matured plant to blossom from which this short-grain rice is extricated.

What Is Bamboo Rice ?

Bamboo is a grass, and its inflorescence is like that of different grasses like wheat, rice, etc. Bamboo seeds are truly practically identical in size and structure to paddy rice seeds. These are bamboo rice seeds. Bamboo rice, or Mulayari as it is frequently known, is like some other rice type, yet it is found to be uncommonly nutritious.

Bamboo plants happen in groups in the most profound Indian woods. The nourishment is essentially because of the plant’s failure to develop inflorescence on time.

These plants are intense and grow up to 8 feet tall, with some developing a lot higher, and they’re basically as delicious as some other grass.

Bamboo Rice

How could it be Different from Other Types of Rice?

Bamboo rice has a striking similarity to paddy rice and tastes more like wheat. Somewhat sweet in taste and for the most part cooked like some other rice, bamboo rice makes an incredible mix with any ordinary food that we eat. The distinction lies in its surface when cooked, which is generally sodden and tacky. It is chewy when consumed.

Bamboo rice has a decent chewy taste and is basically the same as unpolished rice. It works out in a good way for most Indian curries. You can explore more at Dr Wear Wellness.


Bamboo rice like some other rice is wealthy in different supplements including starches, fiber and protein. It is accepted that it has low glycemic record contrasted with different assortments of rice, which is viewed as a healthier choice for diabetics. The rice has low or no fat and is plentiful in vitamin B. The clans in Kerala utilize this rice to fix joint agony inferable from the presence of enormous calcium and phosphorus content.

Health Benefits of bamboo rice

Bamboo seed, as a matter of fact, has a higher protein level than rice and wheat.

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Rice additionally contains carbs, nutrients A, B1, B2, B3, and B6, minerals calcium, iron, and phosphorus, and fiber, notwithstanding protein. Due to the quick arrival of energy, rice is especially nutritious, particularly for little children.

  1. Upgrades Fertility

The Kani clans of Kanyakumari have directed critical examination on the health advantages of bamboo rice. The rice diet is great for the clan’s regenerative capacity and fruitfulness, as per the review.

  1. Controls rheumatic agony and joint torment

Since it is high in calcium, it assists with keeping up with bone health and oversee joint, stiffness, joint pain, and spine uneasiness.

  1. Controls Diabetes

It’s likewise high in phosphorus and iron, which keep your heart with everything looking great and keep heart expansion under control.

  1. Brings down Cholesterol Level

Bamboo seeds contain no fat. The sugars included gradually raise blood glucose levels, which supports the decrease of cholesterol development.

  1. High Phosphorus content

Bamboo seeds have a phosphorus content of around 218 mg percent, which is a decent amount for any rice.

Phosphorus is fundamental forever.

It likewise controls how the body consumes carbs and lipids, permitting it to store more protein for advancement, support, and fix of fundamental organs and tissues. It works couple with B nutrients to guarantee that kidney work, solid withdrawal, pulse, and nerve flagging are inside typical cutoff points.

  1. Directs Blood Pressure

By protecting the mineral components in the body, eating rice consistently keeps your circulatory strain in the typical reach. Iron, calcium, and phosphorus all work together to hold heart and cerebrum coordination under wraps.

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