Adventure trips you must go to before you die!

Right now, we all have our lives running on a definite track. Some of us are sprinting in the lush campus of an amazing college, some are happy with the wonderful paycheques they are getting, some are content with their happening love life while many are doing great things worth doing. But, honestly, somewhere in this clich├ęd lives that we are leading, we have lost out on the raw, genuine adventure trips we should be having, the ones which set an adrenaline rush running through every nerve in our body.

Accepted, that life has now become so busy that even relaxing at some beach or visiting a place needs months of planning and pondering. But if the mention of the word ‘adventure’ even slightly makes you jump on your seat, man, you are not late at all! You are not at all late to narrate your fascinating trips to your friends or have some once in a lifetime experience you cannot ever forget. The world is full of the most amazing and adventurous places to give the thrills you are missing out on.

So, for the every exciting traveler self-hiding within you all, we bring to you a list of the most daring, stupefying, thundering and the best adventure trips you must embark on at least once in a lifetime. Not ready now? No problem! These places are definitely not running away from you! But include these in your traveling wishlist and whenever you want to, grab a backpack and sometime because mark these words, these places will offer the adventure and the rush not worth any regrets at all!

1.Moab, Utah

Moab’s Colorado Plateau is a heaven for an adventurer’s dreams! With hiking in it’s slick rocks to climbing, biking and doing whitewater rafting along the Colorado River, this place offers a buffet of thrills. People indulge in some marathon running along the alpine mountains and the Canyonlands. You can visit the beautiful Arches National Park which has some prehistoric remains too. You can do night camping or stay in some nearby lodges offering views of the not to miss sunrise and sunset. Also get to experience a Native American life here, as some folks of the community work in the lands here.

2. Rainforests, Costa Rica

With more than a quarter of Costa Rica’s land comprising of national parks and rainforests, no wonder this place is best known for its enriching biodiversity. It also promotes its treasures by offering a plethora of adventurous rides through its rainforests. The jungles are pristine, and you’ll get to see an admirable mix of insects, mammals, fishes, and reptiles. Explore them by canoeing at the watery Tortuguero National Park, trekking at Manuel Antonio, or hiking at the Monteverde Cloud Forests! There isn’t an inch, from the Carribean sea at the east coast, to the Pacific ocean at the west coast, which doesn’t make us awestruck. You can also get to visit some volcanoes or if lucky enough, see the peculiar hawks that frequent here. It’s pure bliss for an avid nature adventurer!

3. Aeolian Islands, Italy

Brave enough to trek alongside volcanoes erupting hot bursts? Then, this place is the one for you!

Walk through a chain of these volcanic islands off the north coast of Sicily, and witness beautiful clouds of steam spreading across. Venture into some watersports adventure and trek alongside volcanoes. You can also get to taste the gourmet Malvasia wine here. Afterall, if you haven’t tasted wine in Italy, you have done something utterly wrong! People mostly flock to Limbari, which is the largest and the liveliest of all the islands. It also houses a historic crumbling fortress. But the options don’t end here. The Stromboli and Vulcano also offer the thrills and spills with their high cliffs overlooking the deep waters, their active volcanic craters and the black sand beaches. Sometimes, the sulfuric lava steams can be suffocating. But not enough to cease you from experiencing this one of a kind Italian travel adventure!

4. Isle of Bute, Scotland

This place is one of the most popular attractions of Scotland. Although 33 miles from Glasgow, the trip to these moors is worth it. It is famous for the rugged stones and sandy beaches of Rothesay, to the well-maintained flora of Mount Stuart. You can embark on a biking trip alongside the beautiful sea at Bute, visit the Ardencraig Gardens which is walled and houses an aviary. Do you want to see a seal close up to your head? Visit the Scalpsie Bay for this enthralling experience. Don’t miss out on the adventure trip of one of the prettiest natural wonders of the world!

5. Queenstown, New Zealand

Welcome to the adventure capital of the world! There are a huge number of activities for all the thrill seekers in Queenstown. Do bungee jumping, canyon swinging across snow-capped mountains, and indulge in thrilling sports like rafting and jet boating. Since it is a very famous tourist spot, companies also offer a combo package of adventure trips. You can do skydiving and cartooning over a rocky river and also cross a river on a chair hanging upside down! It has a plethora of air, land, water, indoor, off-road and cruise adventures too! Already excited? So is everyone who goes there. This one trip definitely makes it to our traveling wishlist, and you must include it too!

6. Ladakh and Stok Kangri, the Himalayas

Well, our homeland is also no stranger to some daredevil places to visit and to indulge in some adventure trips! The Himalaya is one of the world’s toughest places to explore. This place is meant for all the enthusiastic trekkers & there are countless treks in Himalaya for trekking. Trekking at this place requires a lot of guts and strength, but once you do, the feeling is divine. People leave no stone unturned in scaling this highest scalable peak. Along the way, you also get to witness the beautiful, serene life of Ladakh, the discipline of the monasteries and an altogether different culture. You can enjoy the changes in the scenery, as you trek, to the fullest during winters. If you reach the peak of Stok Kangri on time, you’ll get to witness the most beautiful sunrise or sunset cascading across the white peaks of the serene Himalayas.

So, set your adrenaline to a race by embarking on these adventure trips! Enough of the monotonous visits or just soaking under the sun in some bland beach. Life is too short to be mainstream. Let the adventure freak come out of you and, Bon Voyage!