Addicts Are Victims Not Criminals – Palak Pandit

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The term “addiction” is often associated with the term “problem”, and addicts are generally thought of as a public nuisance. In our society, people with addictions are thought of as immoral and in need of punishment. Unfortunately, this is the exact attitude of many rehabilitation centers in India, which believe that the only way a person can leave his addiction is by treating him as a criminal. So their idea of detoxification is to shut the addict up in a room for a month, and leave him to his pain.

Golden Future welfare Nasha Mukti Kendra in Yamunanagar, We believe that such a treatment is cruel and inhuman. We believe that every man deserves to be treated with love and compassion. Because we all are human beings, who are capable of experiencing both pleasure and pain.

If we as a society raise an individual in a manner that only maximizes pleasure without teaching him how to manage pain, then only do we have the individual’s inability to deal with difficulties pointed out to us. But when addiction sets in, all our hard work at growing this person up falls apart. Unfortunately, rehab centers in India haven’t realized this yet, and continue to act against their own patrons.

Rehab Center In India Treat Addiction as a Disease

Some treatment Rehab Center In India for addicts view the condition as a disease and rely on prescription medications. While this method is less brutal than beating an addict. it is not effective in the long term and has a high relapse rate.

At Golden Future welfare Society (GFWS), we treat addiction as a disease that needs to be treated both physically and psychologically. We at AFL aim for the long term recovery of your loved one, by dealing with them at the personal level. Our method of treating our patients is an amalgamation of counseling, assistance by certified experts, inclusion of physical exercise programs such as yoga, post-treatment assistance along with customized, specialized therapy programs.

Why Golden Future welfare Society (GFWS) is the Best Rehab Center In India? 

Customized Therapy Plans

At Golden Future welfare Society (GFWS), we don’t just treat addiction. We treat the whole person—mind, body and spirit. Our team of professionals decides how to treat each patient based on his or her unique needs. Our methods include the 12 Step Program, the TC Program, American Therapy and Nature Therapy.

Experienced Professionals and Staff

Our expert team of psychiatrists and counselors do psychoanalysis & counseling of each patient.

it is because of understand how the patient requires help. They are the best in their field. These professionals have worked for several years actively for this cause, and continue to work hard for the betterment of the condition of each patient at Golden Future welfare Society (GFWS).

The Golden Future welfare Society (GFWS) staff is active 24*7 to be there at all times for your loved ones.

Personalized Routine For Your Loved Ones

In addition to conventional treatment plans, the patients have counseling, Yoga, and meditation sessions. They also participate in leisure activity programs. The goal is not just to rid the patient of toxins in his or her system. but also to make him or her realize that there is more to life than drugs, and that he or she can leave it all behind for good.

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