5 Things to Do in United Kingdom

United Kingdom should be the last country on your vacation destination checklist. Once you visit this country, you will understand what it means to live in the civilized world.

Until 1800s, it was unified by England and Wales for shared cultural identity and common language. This is still true to some extent even though Irish reunification occurred after independence of other British colonies like India and Australia.

England is found predominately in northwest area while Scotland takes the north-eastern spur reaching into uplands, Wales lies on west coast bordering England, Ireland also occupies southwest coast. This strategic position has made it vulnerable to invasions throughout time, but has fostered strong distinctive cultures within.

Here are some things you can do to make your trip to united kingdom more memorable.

You can get yourself an all-time favorite for tea time at Butlers Chocolate Cafe in Somerset, Duke Street. You can go for a hearty traditional Irish pub dinner providing Irish staples like fish and chips or pulled pork bangers at The Designing Shearer just outside Carlisle. Some of the must-see sights include Bruton garden, Westonbirt Arboretum, Cardiff Castle and Mount Wolseley among others!

1) You can go on expeditions to explore Hogwarts castle, where the cool thing is that you get to swap school clothes with Hogwarts school robes while mimicking Harry’s walk on some see-through stairs ̶ yes, there are holes in the floors! 

2) Get an official form

– Apply for the 6-month “Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme” visa or you can get a Tourist Visit Visa before arriving in United Kingdom.

– Check the cost of transportation.

– Consider making additional trips to see places like Wales, Scotland, and England if the visit will be lasting more than 6 months.

– Before arranging travel make sure that your vaccinations are up to date.

The United Kingdom, or Britain as it is more often called, has a reputation for being a rainy country. It is a misconception that all Britishers experience continual rain.

However, due to the erratic climate of the island, with Scotland and Northern Ireland having their own particular climate patterns.

Its population of 65 million makes it the third most populous country in Europe behind Russia and Germany. A quarter of these people reside in London; England’s nine cities are among some of Europe’s largest conurbations with populations greater than 300,000.

Based on our research, here are top 5 things to do in United Kingdom

1. Admirining the amazing street art

2. Trying to make sense of Tony Blair’s legacy at the Time Square Tour

3. Walking with dinosaurs at Jurassic outback Explorer

4. Shopping until you drop or indulging yourself in all-you-can-eat pasta

5. Enjoying Royal London Style by doing London pub tour

There are an abundance of things to do in the United Kingdom. 

Add England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland onto your itinerary.

Here are five of our favorites –

– Head to Stonehenge

– Take a walk on Hadrian’s Wall

– Stay in an Orangery for an unforgettable glamping experience

– Write “An American Story” at the British Library

– Become a self proclaimed Sherlock Holmes

Here are three things to do in England if the journey is for leisure visits. 


The most traditional romantic thing to do would be the pubcrawling.

Stuff your face at Pie & Mash Parlours:

An item everyone should try for breakfast is pie and mash, typically served with gammon

Visit Wales – Have A Welsh Tea Party:

No trip to England would be complete without visiting Wales! Why not have a Welsh Tea party? They are supposedly the most welcoming people in all of Europe so you are bound to have a great time!

If you are a person of few words and always on the go, you’ll want to pack these things to make your trip a moving experience:

Money exchange – 

It is advised to exchange currency upon entry into the U.K. Banking hours in many countries differ from the U.K., so it would be wise not to get left high and dry if your debit or credit card from home has been declined or has had insufficient funds.

Passport  – 

Don’t overpack this one! Double check that your passport is up to date and always carry a digital copy of it on a cloud-based app for safety purposes.

Research – 

A quick Google or Tripadvisor search can help you out with any last minute questions about what goodies there are in this city fueled by creativity.

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