5 Best Weekend Getaways from Delhi

Bored with your 9-5 job? Looking for a break that can turn your regular weekend into a mini-vacation? If yes, then we have come to the perfect place. This is a list of 5 weekend getaways from Delhi that are perfect to plan your next vacation to get away from the dryness of the city life. One can find a great deal of destinations when looking for amazing and wonderful weekend getaways from Delhi. 

Be it some outdoor adventure and experience, an escape and breakout to the hills in summer, a weekend of safaris and camping or even a cultural visit, there are many places to visit near Delhi. What’s great about these places is that they all cater to a great number of trips – be it with friends, family, solo or for couples. The excellent road connectivity running through the north Indian countryside adds a bonus of a beautiful bucolic and countrified experience.

Forget the long travelling hours and  destinations filled with rafters. Simply, look towards these places to visit near Delhi and give yourself a treat of the much-awaited weekend break. 


The pink city of Jaipur is another vibrant and full of light destination that you can head to for an eventful and memorable weekend getaway from Delhi. Famous for its markets, food, forts, and cultural heritage, this city attracts tourists the most from all over the world. For getting a feel of the authentic and pure Rajasthani culture in Jaipur one can visit the Chokhi Dhani Village.

  • How to Reach: The course from Delhi to Jaipur takes about 5 hours via NH 48. There are several trains available on this route with a running time of about 5-7 hours.
  • Best Time to Visit: October to March
  • Expenditure: 3K to 6K per person.


Spiritual and self-possessed, Rishikesh is an exquisite town set beside the fast-flowing Ganges River in the lap of the Himalayas. This place is also well-known as the “Yoga capital of the world” and the plate is filled with beautiful temples and mesmerising sights. Do not miss to watch the iconic Ganga Arti at the Triveni Ghat that takes place every evening.

  • How to Reach: The journey from Delhi to Rishikesh takes around 5-6 hours via NH 334. There are also numerous trains to Rishikesh starting from the Delhi Jn. Station.
  • Best Time to Visit: You can visit Rishikesh the whole time of  the year.
  • Expenditure: 5K to 7K per person


The glorious and historically significant hill station of Shimla is a highly recommended tourist destination of North India. This majestic city is situated on top of seven hills, of which the Jakhoo Hills are the highest (2455 m). Visit Shimla for the aroma of colonial architecture blended with a vibrant local culture, and for memorable walking experiences surrounded by pine and oak forests.

  • How to Reach: A road trip from Delhi to Shimla can proceed about 8 hours. For a journey by train, one has to first reach Kalka in Haryana and then go towards the Kalka Shimla Railway Toy Train. Shimla Jubbarhatti Airport is about 25 km away from the city.
  • Best Time to Visit: March to June
  • Expenditure: 6K to 7K per person


One of the most popular and beloved hill stations of the country, Mussoorie is a perfect destination for relaxing and adventure travel. This destination features waterfalls, ornate gardens, colonial bungalows and vibrant local marketplaces that are cradled against the backdrop of the mighty Himalayas.

  • How to Reach: For the road journey from Delhi to Mussoorie, one has to take the route via Upper Ganga Canal Road. 
  • Best Time to Visit: March to June
  • Expenditure: 5K to 7K per person


Situated on the banks of the River Yamuna, Agra is definitely among the most popular getaway destinations for the people of Delhi. This elegant and beautiful city offers a peek into the ancient legacy and heritage of the Mughal Dynasty from the primitive period in India; their architecture, culture, and ways of life.

  • How to Reach: Take a ride to the Taj Express Highway from Delhi to reach Agra in about 4 hours. There are also a lot of options for buses and trains that ply on this route. 
  • Best Time to Visit: August to March
  • Expenditure: 4k to 5K per person

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