5 Advantages Of Using Glass Jar Candles

You may be considering purchasing a new scented candle, but when you see those lovely jarred candles in stores or on the internet, do you ever question, “What is the utility of a glass candle?” Several containers are available for storing and burning your favorite candle smells, with glass jars being the most common consumer choice.

Glass candles are popular in many people’s homes for various reasons! Do you want to discover what makes them so special? Here are five advantages of utilizing Christmas candle jars.

1. There Will Be Less Cleaning

You don’t have to worry about cleaning up any candle wax mess when you put your candles in a glass. For example, the wax might drip freely when you set a pillar candle in a candle holder with open sides. This is not recommended since it can harm the material or surface on which it is used. Not to mention the additional risk of a hot flame or wax coming into touch with combustible things.

2: Makes Candle Burning Safer

Most candles in glass jars contain aromas, which can occasionally include essential oils. Whatever sort of glass candle holder you choose, carefully read the ingredient list to verify it is safe for you.

If you leave a candle burning for longer than four hours, the glass jar or candle wax can grow extremely hot and depending on the composition of the container, it may develop a flashpoint or even explode. Ensure that any glass used for candles is safe and heat resistant. We recommend removing the remaining wax when the jar has 1.25 cm (or half an inch) remaining.

3. Providing The Greatest Amount Of Light

The glass’s transparency eliminates light obstacles and allows the candle’s flame to shine freely. With so much light streaming in, you can add a lot of atmosphere and warmth to any space where your candles are placed.

You may also utilise tinted glass as candle holders to spice up your space; your chosen colour can drastically alter the ambience. Amber glass candle jars, for example, emit a pleasant smell and provide the perfect fragrant moment of relaxation!

4. They Are More Durable

When you think about it, pillars, votives, and tea lights can only be used once. When they burn, they either melt into a wax pool or varnish. The beautiful thing about glass candles is that you can always use them again, even if you burn the wick once and blow it out.

Most high-quality glass soy wax candles burn for between 25 to 40 hours, but depending on the candle jar size; they can burn for up to 100 hours! This implies that even if you burn the candle for a few hours, you may ignite it numerous times to extend its life.

5. They Make Excellent Presents

Glass jar candles are a popular present for friends and family. They are appropriate for any occasion because they are lightweight and easy to keep in little gift bags. Depending on the smell or brand, they can be inexpensive, which means you won’t have to spend a bunch on them, and they are also inexpensive to produce. You can’t go wrong with a glass candle for a birthday, anniversary, or Mother’s Day. They make thoughtful and lovely gifts for that particular someone!

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