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4 tips for buying EV chargers for vehicles


With global warming threats and rising fuel costs, owning conventional petrol or diesel-based vehicles has become nearly impossible for the Indian middle class. In such times, electric vehicles are to be the future of personal transportation. They are an eco-friendly and sustainable substitute for vehicles based on fossil fuels. They can help one get tax benefits, help one save fuel money besides being eco-friendly. When talking about electronic vehicles, it’s natural to wonder about their charges. A lot of people may be concerned about the problems and quality of chargers. There is no need to worry. There are some really good EV charger manufacturers in India

Unfortunately, not all EV chargers are the same. And one has to be careful of certain factors while buying.

To make the decision easy, the following are five tips to buy EV chargers for vehicles in India:

  1. AC Versus DC chargers

The first tip for buying EV chargers is deciding what kind of charger one wants to go with. There are two options – AC chargers or DC Chargers. DC chargers or Direct Current Chargers are bulkier and faster than the two types of chargers. Compared to them, AC chargers or Alternating Current are far more compact and just a little slower in charge. Thus it makes sense to ask oneself whether one is short on time or space When buying a charger.

  1. Consider one’s vehicle

If one’s vehicle is a hybrid, then one may risk with a charger that takes longer to charge one’s vehicle. In case one needs to use the vehicle urgently and it is not charged yet, one has some option to use it anyway. However, it may be highly inconvenient to buy a slow charger if one has an EV.

  1. Level of charger 

Another important consideration while buying a charger is which Level to go with. There are three levels of such chargers – level 1 chargers, level 2 chargers, and level 3 chargers.

Level 1 chargers are very compact AC chargers. Unfortunately, they take a lot of time to charge the vehicles. They are only recommended for hybrid vehicles.

Level 2 chargers are AC chargers too but they are faster than level 1 chargers. Generally speaking, they are a good option for personal use. They can be installed at one’s home, place of work, etc.

Level 3 chargers are DC chargers. They are super fast when compared to other chargers.

The level of charger best suited to one is dependent on the kind of vehicle one has and whether one wishes to use it personally or commercially.

  1. Digital  connectivity

Another tip while buying EV chargers is to check whether it has any digital connectivity. Electric vehicles tend to be better connected digitally. One should prefer a charger that can be controlled via an app. The convenience is worth a few extra bucks.

The last word
Some research is enough to convince one that EV charger manufacturers are doing a great job helping usher forward a greener, better world. Their products leave no reason not to buy Electric vehicles. Don’t forget to find discount codes for Ev Charger at to save money when buying.

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