4 Benefits That Come Along With Utilising Universal Gift Cards Within Your Organisation

universal gift cards

Petty cash cards or universal cards provide a fast and straightforward manner of supporting expenditures such as replenishing stationery supplies, the price of mailing or shipping items, parking fees, and other similar charges. Besides, universal gift cards enable the rapid purchase of things that workers require for your sector, which helps your business boost the daily productivity of the employees in your organisation.

It is a reloadable prepaid Mastercard and Visa Card that you may use for the costs of running a small company. And when dealing with minor transactions, using petty cash as an alternative to writing checks is recommended.

1.     Access That Is Both Convenient and Simple

The use of petty cash as a means of payment for business costs is simple and a user-friendly option. It is simple and offers a practical solution for any modest investment. And you can use the card to make purchases in-store, online, or over the phone for the convenience of employees. As such, there is no need for employees to spend their own money for company expenses and then wait to be reimbursed. And when it comes to locating receipts, expense reports, and other documents saves time. Besides, there is no need to fill out any papers, and it is unnecessary to provide receipts to validate little expenditures, resulting in a significant cost reduction and financial gain.

2.     Amount Already Preloaded

The sum is automatically credited to the account each month, with the exact amount varying from company to business within the corporation. And in certain circumstances, a petty cash fund with a value of $50 is adequate, while in others, a fund with a value of $200 or more is necessary. Meanwhile, what goes into your company’s petty cash relies on everyday necessities that need to be purchased regularly. And as the company expands, the amount of money it needs from you may increase or decrease. Additionally, it cuts your budget expenses by twenty to thirty per cent.

3.     Responsibility for Cash Flow

You can use these in an online account for your company’s transactions. And when an employee spends their own money for work-related expenses, the company retains a record of the transaction, including who took how much money, why, and when it occurred. Also, employees who make purchases using gift cards must give receipts or have the transaction documented in the company’s records.

4.     Taxes and Expense Documentation

At the end of the year, it will be helpful for you in terms of the taxes that pertain to your firm. Keep a log of all you buy and document it, as this will assist you when it comes time to file your taxes. Meanwhile, when you pay your company taxes, it will be difficult to deduct the expenditure of purchasing gift cards if you do not have any proof of the transaction.


These are a few benefits that your company can get from using universal cards for doing fast and easy commerce. When employees use petty cash, they may make any minor transaction quickly, which is another benefit. Meanwhile, the investment might be as little as purchasing a stamp or as large as providing bagels for early morning meetings. And when making a modest transaction, employing checks is a waste of time and energy that you can avoid through universal gift cards. So when a few sellers do not take checks for a modest investment, which occurs often, petty cash cards may be of great use.

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