3 Tips to Follow When Writing a Research Paper


If you are writing FRC or a research paper, it is important to use a professional tone. Academic writing is a difficult job to do. As for the publication of your paper, you must follow all the guidelines of the journal. Use correct referencing styles like APA, Chicago, and MLA in your research paper.

 If you know how to use professional words in your academic research paper, then this article will help you. Reading this article from start to end to avoid any bias in your research papers.

1.      Write in third person point of view

As you know that platforms like Wikipedia only allow the use of a neutral tone. Wiki page creation agency know how to write in a neutral tone. If you are writing for your academic research, avoid using pronouns like we and us. Make sure you write according to the third-person point of view.

2.      Use correct numbers

When you are writing academic content be specific about the information you are giving to your users. While writing a research paper clearly mention the age and ethnicity of your control and study group. If you are writing about the prevalence of disease, be very specific about writing about etiological factors that are responsible for causing the disease.

3.      Use words that don’t belong to a certain gender

If your research is based on a specific gender, then mention the gender. But if you are talking about the overall population, use the gender-neutral word. When using a third-person narrative don’t assume the gender by yourself. It will show biasness in your writing.


Academic writing is a time taking process. But by following these 3 tips, you can write an amazing research paper within no time. Make sure you have used copied content in your paper.

3 Tips to Follow When Starting A New Business

Nowadays, people prefer running their own business. The Internet has made life easy for everyone. Now people can do online business in the comfort of their homes. If you want to run your own business follow these 3 tips.

1.      Identify your interest 

It is important for you to have all the necessary knowledge about your business niche. You cannot start any business without doing market research. The market research gives you an idea about the budget and the expectation of your profit margins. 

If you want to sell clothes online decide

Type of problem I am solving with my business?

Type of clothes do you want to sell?

Age group do you want to target?

What are your ROI goals?

How will you market your business?

2.      Write your business plan 

When you find the answer to all these questions. Start making an outline of your business. Decide whether you will sell in an online space online or do you also want to open stores?

Make a checklist of prices of different products and the return you want to get on these products. Budget will be deciding factor for most things. If you are selling clothes start to sell clothes in different categories like women, men, and children. Check the response on your product. Start manufacturing more products that are generating the best response.

Drive A Marketing Strategy 

Marketing strategy is important for any business. Make sure you make that is within the range of your budget. Make your business page on Wikipedia. Wikipedia will help you greatly in getting more leads and sales. If you don’t time you can hire Wiki Page editors. You can also do PPC marketing for your business. If you want to get results quickly PayPerClick marketing is the best strategy to use.

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